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meanmom08November 15, 2013

Due to a water leak, I'm in the process of a quickie bathroom renovation. The insurance adjuster told me to go to Lowe's and choose a vanity. What has me stumped is what type to get - the free standing look, or the built-in cabinet type for lack of a better description. It is a very small bathroom . The current 1980's site-built vanity is 41" long.

If I go with the 36" free-standing type, there would only be 2 1/2" between the wall and the end of the vanity. Is that enough room to look OK, or is that not enough space to look "appropriate" for the space?

If I order a built-in type, vanities don't come in that length, so it will require a 2"filler between the wall and the cabinet. Will it look odd having a filler on one side but not the other?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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I know you are probably not worried about code compliance in a situation like this, but code wants 4" between the edge of a wall hung sink or a free standing vanity and the wall. It makes sense because it gives you room for cleaning. Much smaller and you have a hard time cleaning between it and the wall and retrieving things that fall to the back corner.

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Code requires 4" clearance for cleaning? Whose business is it whether I can clean to the sides of my vanity? Are you sure that isn't just a "suggestion" rather than a code requirement?

OP, you could still center the vanity, and have a 1" filler on each side, rather than 2" on one side and none on the other.

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Why don't you center it with a 1" filler from both sides ?

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Why not tell the insurance adjuster that the original vanity was custom made for the space and you want it replaced with a custom made vanity?

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