Shower Drain? Do looks matter?

jacqueline5November 7, 2013

We're probably too late to make changes but...

The round drain with a rather ugly standard grate is set in the middle of where the shower floor will be. Its the same style as the old one that worked perfectly but was not the prettiest part of the shower.

Building the shower floor starts next week. Is it too late to at least get a pretty drain top? What about the cool square ones I read about that have a removable hair trap? Please remind me of the name. Thanks!

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one brand is ACO you can google it. They have Quartz line and Quartz plus. It can be used to match your tile or just be decorative, with hair trap. The hair trap will slow down the flow.

There is another thread recently if you go back a page or two where forum members are discussing drains, and other brands are mentioned. Square may only work if the slope of your shower is gentle enough to allow it to install flat - a "bowl" shape in the floor may not work with the corners of the drain. There are probably lots of attractive round drain tops too.

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A nice-looking drain is an elegant touch; I think it's worth getting something that doesn't look like a generic part from the plumbing repair parts aisle at Home Depot. I like several of Ebbe's drains; the Laticrete drain covers are a good design; California Faucets has several nice ones, including some that accept tile so it almost disappears into the surrounding tiles when installed, if you use tiles that are the same size as the drain (or 1/2 or 1/3 as long), the thin slots that are the drain blend in with the surrounding grout lines.

These drains are all square, but made to fit the usual round drain pipes. Elegant round drain covers are also available from some companies.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Yes, looks matter. ;-) Quick, do some shopping.


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How much of the shower drain plumbing is already done?

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Im in love with the California Faucet Fleur Style drain!

The drain is in. The shower floor is supposed to be built next week including hot mop (we are in California). I haven't been able to get my plumber on the phone to see if I can switch it out. It's a standard circle drain. In taking the photo I just noticed our sheetrock guy splattered texture on it. I'll try to attach a photo. Can I buy a nicer looking grate and leave the drain alone?

Here is a link that might be useful: California faucets fleur drain aka the prettiest drain I've ever seen!

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They're designed for their own rough-ins, I don't have enough experience with shower drains to know if the grate will fit what you have now, but it would be a simple matter to pull out the basic drain assembly you have and replace it with one of those in your link if necessary.

I just bought a California Faucets faucet for a tub/shower and am really impresed with their stuff. As with the drains, you can choose from over 30 different finishes (including 24K gold!). I got one in a different color and a shiny rather than matte finish. Pictures don't describe how great this thing looks or feels - I love those numbers for the temperature in degrees F embossed right into the metal surrounding the lever, it's like a sundial. And yes, it really does vary the hot and cold water mix as needed to hold whatever temperature it's set at - no futzing with the knobs every time you take a shower to get the temperature right.

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My husband couldn't believe I spent time looking for a pretty drain cover, but it is a visible detail. I chose Splash by Ebbe, which I hope will be installed soon. Since we have 1" square mosaic tiles on the shower floor, I thought the square drain would look better than round. (And I thought the Splash design went well with the "water" theme of our blue tiles.)

The Fleur is beautiful.

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jacqueline5: Based on the picture you can still upgrade your drain to the Fleur square drain. You will need three pieces prior to the hot mopping:

-Hot Mop Adaptor:

-Upgrade Throat:

-Fleur Trim Grid Only:

Hope these links are helpful

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Babka NorCal 9b

If necessary, delay your hot mop until you have the drain you love. It might cost a little more, but in the long run you will smile whenever you look at that beautiful drain. Just as you will scold yourself every time you look at the drain you don't like. This is something you will look at EVERYDAY.


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Found this nice picture of the Fleur StyleDrain on Pinterest.

Hope it's helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: Fleur Drain

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Faucet guy - you are awesome! I've called and emailed my plumber and tile guy. Babka - you are SO right! I will look at it every single day.

My plumber is incredibly talented and has been really patient with my changes and ideas. (Sent back Brizo shower heads - they were plastic!) I'm sure he'll work with me to get the drain. I will post a photo when it arrives.

Thanks all!

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Babka NorCal 9b

As an aside...plastic is good for hand held shower heads. It makes it lighter to hold in your hand, and if you drop it by accident it won't damage your tile, or itself, for that matter. Easier to clean too. Many of the high end heads we looked at were plastic, and I had the same reservations as you, until I learned why.


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