Opinion on using two grout colors??

lisadluNovember 20, 2013

Hello Designers! I was going to grout my shower (white tile walls and gray/white pebble floor) all bright white but am having second thoughts due to maintenance. I am still going to do the walls bright white but am debating whether to do the pebble floor silver gray (my tile guy prefers to use one color grout but he doesn't have to live with it). My concern with the floor is upkeep but we do squeegee and wipe out the shower with a towel after every use. I've always used a medium to dark grout so am hesitant with putting white on a floor. Any thoughts or problems? Floor will be sealed correctly. Below is the pebble tile information from Home Depot, also can anyone share stories on upkeep of marble pebbles? Clean with vinegar or ????
MS International 12 in. x 12 in. Black/White Pebbles Marble Mosaic Floor & Wall Tile
Model # THDW1-SH-PEB
Internet # 100664291

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I usually specify two grout colors when the floor and walls are different tile, (even if they are the same color, like white subway + white hex on the floor). Since you are doing completely different looks of tile and introducing a darker color on the floor, it makes sense to me to use a darker grout.

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I have also used 2 colors of grout. Both of my bathroom remodels have 2 colors of grout. One color to go with the floor and another to go with the wall tiles.

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My shower has arctic white grout for the white 4x12 subways tiles and then a darker tan grout for the 2x2 tan tiles on the floor. Can't imagine doing it all in the same color.

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It makes perfect sense to use a darker grout on the floor. And silver's genius.

With regard to your question on vinegar, DO NOT use it on marble. It will ruin the surface. The acid will eat at the stone. :)

Ask your supply store about a neutral pH cleaner they recommend. It'll help you keep the sealer intact for a longer time too!

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Thanks everyone! I am going with white grout on the walls and silver grout for the pebbles. :)

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