Help with choosing granite please

SMPop18August 20, 2012

We're in the finishing stages of our new home and in need of some help with selecting the granite for our kitchen counters. I'm going to post this on the kitchen forum as well but would appreciate all of your expert opinions. ;)

Here are a few samples next to the knotty alder cabinet sample on the tile floor that is being laid. The tall sample on the left is actually quartz and the other two are granite. We don't like granite that has a lot of veins/character so we are trying to find something with more condensed colors. I feel that we shouldn't pick something that is too "cazy" because the tile floor has a lot of variation and character and I fear that they will clash with each other. At first, I wanted something lighter in color than the floor. Now I'm thinking it would look best to find something that would be a close match in color. I'm not in love with any of the samples shown but am leaning towards the one on the right. Are we even on the right track here????


Showing more of the floor.



And a close up of the two granite samples on what will be the bar showing the tile in the background. I'm concerned about how the granite will look from this space looking into the kitchen The otherside of the bar (where I'm standing to take the pic) will have a medium dark harwood floor.


And the quartz


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I like the one on the right as well. It matches the best IMO. However are you able to hold off until you can find something you really like? Maybe take a few days to search the granite yards until you feel inspired.

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I would go either lighter or darker for some pop and crispness. These examples use your type of floor style and wood choices:

style='color:#444;'>Traditional Kitchen design by Cleveland Kitchen And Bath Cabinet-S-Top

Traditional Spaces design by Cleveland Kitchen And Bath Cabinet-S-Top

Traditional Kitchen design by Houston Lambert Homes Inc.

I would take my kitchen to the granite yard. There are so many to choose from you should be able to love something. From your choices: I like #1 and #3 better than the middle but I know you mentioned you also didn't like a lot of veins have you looked at other solid surfaces?

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houseofsticks- thanks for the pics! Yes, at first I wanted to go lighter but then it seemed that I wasn't able to find anything at the granite yard that worked. The sample on the right is the only light one that might work. I really like the look of your second picture and really want to find granite that looks like that. I don't really like the first one with the blackish granite. I don't think it would look right with the rest of our floor plan that opens up into the dining and living area(but you didn't know what so thanks for posting anyway). Yes, we have looked at other solid surfaces which is why the quartz is sample is there as well. Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hold out for something you really love. You'll need to live with it a long time.

I prefer the other two samples as they have a pinkish brown tone; they go more with the tones in your flooring.

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