Urgent Furnace Advice

rasmichAugust 14, 2012

I had a melt down this evening. The HVAC guys put they furnace in and I'm not happy about where the put it. They tell me it can't be placed anywhere else, but it completely ruins the flow of the basement- and my plans to finish the basement once we move in. The HVAC guys and I are meeting at 8AM tomorrow and we are going to talk about options. We wanted it in the back corner by the sump-pump and 2 months ago when we went over things they agreed. We also offered to have them move it to next to the hot water tank along the side of the stairs, but they said that won't work either. I just think they don't want to move it and change the ducts. Any advice about what we can do or where we could put it is greatly appreciated.

The other issue is my specs call for a 96% efficient furnace or equal. But a 92% was put in. Should I make a big deal out of this or are they equal?


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You might want to post this on the HVAC forum.

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Furnace location is pretty complicated and that picture isn't nearly enough info except to see your issue with it. 96% is quite a bit different than 92%.

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