Toto UltraMax II one-piece or Toto supreme one-piece?

janesylviaNovember 17, 2012

I am going to buy two Toto one-piece toilets. Cannot decide between ultramax II and supreme. Both models have double-cyclone flush and sanagloss finish. The only difference is the appearance--supreme's tank is shorter.

Really appreciate any help.

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Did you end up with either of these models? I've narrowed my search down to these same two. Would love to hear any comments, good or bad, about them.

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I chose the Toto Ultramax II with sanagloss, since it's cheaper and was available in stock and no need for special order.

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I have Ultramax, and love it. I have heard they are same basically, except Supreme has low profile. I will get supereme for master bathroom, since it will be under window and my window is only 23" and half from floor. it seem only superem will seats below or at the level of window sile

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We are thinking of the supreme for the same reason - it sits under a window with a low sill. Our local showroom does not have one on their floor...would love to see a photo of one if any of y'all have one!

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I also purchased the Ultramax. I have the Drake II (two piece) in my guest bath but went with the Ultramax for the master (not installed yet).

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