Dear Beaglesdoitbetter

maggie530November 30, 2012

I have been an admirer of your rooms for awhile now. I stumbled across your Flickr account this morning and it appears as if we are using the same master bathroom as an inspiration - two parallel vanities with master tub at the end. Do you have something posted with your design choices - tile, tub, fixtures, lighting, etc? Not trying to stalk you but I would love to see how you are finishing out your space if you are indeed also building this bathroom.

Best regards,

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Hi maggie530
I am just getting started. I am using that picture as a loose estimation of a modified layout. (if you check out my thread on this forum about the layout, you will see my potential plan). I don't have anything actually picked out yet though, we are going to start taking down the walls maybe next week if we can get the layout worked out.

It is going to be very slow going though, my contractor who has done all the work on my house gives me a very, very good price but he is very slow and is right now only working on the project evenings and weekends. So, it might be a while before I get to the tile, tub, light fixture stage :)

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I found your other thread. Thanks for directing me to it. We are still framing our house so I'm a few months from finishing the bath. Maybe you'll be further along by then :)

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