Why can't I print pages on sites?

berkAugust 14, 2013

I have no idea what is going on but when I try print information I have found it tells me " There was an internal error and the internet explorer is unable to print this document. What do I do to fix this? I had so much trouble with the new IE 10 I went back to the 9 ages ago and didn't have any trouble till now. Thanks for any and all help.

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Perhaps if you provided a few examples of the sites where these problems occur and the printer model you are using it would be helpful. Also are you using Secunia or something similar to try and keep all your drivers compatible and up to date?

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Have you set up a default printer? Can you print from other programs? Besides changing your browser, have any other changes been made recently? When you start the print command in IE, is the correct printer (and printer connection) indicated?

In my experience, when connecting name-brand hardware to name-brand hardware, drivers rarely need to be updated. If it was working at one time and not working now and if nothing else significant has changed, it's unlikely to be a driver problem. Unless the file is corrupted, which can happen but that's pretty rare.

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I have had the printer hooked up to the same computer for a couple years now. I uploaded new drivers for the printer wiht no help printing from a site. I have a Hp Photo Smart C4740. I haven't made any changes to anyhting . Yes, it is the default printer. I only go to HP and Microsoft and check for updates. I can't get it to print anything from any site I am on that I want to print an article from. I get Massage from Web Page- there was an internal error and IE is unabl;e to print this document. I tried again after I updated the drivers in my printer and got this again.

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If IE is unable to print try another browser like Firefox, Opera or Chrome and see what happens. You can always remove the other browser once you have determined whether the issue is with IE or your confuser or printer.

I will repeat what Snidely wrote about confirming the HP printer shows on the print set up screen and not something else. This happened to me, something i did caused the default printer to show as my PDF reader. Once I set it back to the HP as default we were off to the races again. Well worth a second look.

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Uninstall the printer according to the HP directions as they can be finicky. Do a registry clean with the CCleaner tool. Reinstall.

I just leave drivers alone. I for one cannot remember the last time I updated a driver on any peripheral for myself or anyone else. New drivers do not offer new functionality as traditionally they only remedy targeted concern(s).


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