mac latop battery ???

jannaz_gwAugust 7, 2012

My 3 year old MacBook laptop battery appears to be losing or not taking a charge. I noticed when I clicked on the per-centage icon, BATTERY IS NOT CHARGING and POWER SOURCE: POWER ADAPTER are grayed out. Could that be the problem, and if so, how do it fix it?

I almost never run the laptop on battery, nor does it power any other devices. My system is Leopard 10.5.8. It's the original battery.



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If you're not a handy fix-it person, the best approach may be to simply take it to an Apple store. They can easily determine if the problem is the adapter or the battery and fix whatever is required. While most other laptop manufacturers use snap on/snap off batteries, Apple persists in putting their batteries inside the case where they are not easily accessible by most users.

If you need a new battery, your having kept it on AC power may have contributed to a shortened life. PC batteries last longer with "exercise". If your normal usage pattern keeps it plugged in, you still need to run it on the battery from time to time. By unpluging it and running down the battery every few weeks (and then recharging it), you can extend the battery's life.

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There's a little light on the MagSafe adapter where it connects to the laptop. It should be green when the battery is charged and orange when it it charging. Is the light on?

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Thank you both for your replies.

Yes, the light is green.

I'm still curious about whether the BATTERY NOT CHARGING and POWER SOURCE should be grayed out.


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If the light is green, then there is no need for the batter to be charging.

This is what mine looks like...

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