sugar_flAugust 17, 2012

I have a 21.95 charge from SAMMSOFT on my Discover credit card.. that is the one I use when ordering off the net.

The problem is I didn't order anything from them. When I called the phone # on my bill it said I had to go to their site for question..U cant leave a message.. Now another problem is in google all their links are RED in WOT. Has anyone heard of SAMMSOFT?



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How did you receive the notice of debt? Email, pop up notice?

If you have Malwarebytes then update it and run a full scan and that should remove the problem. Install and run if you do not have it on the computer.

Go to your Add/Remove software page and look for the Sammsoft program and remove it

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I got a bill from them on my credit card. It is not installed on my computer. Yes, I have Malwarebytes on my computer. I am just afraid to go into their site to dispute the charge. I think it is a pretty shady outfit.

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Dispute the bill with Discover card and hurry.

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Yes, dispute the bill immediately, and you probably need to do it in writing. Follow the instructions on your bill to the letter.

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Have you bought anything from anyone online lately. I had a problem on my CC for $50. I called the credit union and they couldn't find any information for me. I checked on line and found nothing. I called the company that billed me and they found nothing. I started the process to stop the charge, then... of course the $50 rang a bell. I had ordered a new remote from Phillips and they didn't use their name or list what the item was on any bill. I was a little embarrassed when I stop the process of having it removed.

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I have called & they are doing a fraud on it.. the bad thing is I have to get a new card & notify the reoccurring charges of the new #. The only thing I have bought in some time were some shirts for my son but I KNOW that isn't it.. It was last month. I even called my son who I do order & pay for sometimes..I just wanted to be sure.
What a pain but like she said they could charge something else on my bill.
Thanks for such quick replies.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Absolutely the best action. Nip it immediately. It could be just an accidental error in posting but hearing about the red wot warning would cause me to do what you are doing. I hope it works out. You should run updated scans just in case and might be time to change passwords on sensitive sites.

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I am doing a MWB right now...It is sure good to have a site to run to when I need computer help..
THANKS Guys & Gals :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh this is bad news after doing some research on this name I now highly recommend running all the scans and I might go have LzD take a look. This is a serious problem it is definitely an identity theft ring. Here is one person's story of what happened to him from sammsoft.
It appears to take over legitimate links to other programs and instead installs their rogue which when run steals all information from the computer including banking and credit card information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Information

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I wanted to point out that there are 2 sites with similar names, the bad guys here are sammsoft with 2 memory, samsoft with 1m is a totally different company and looks legit.

Sometimes that's why they choose those names hoping for a misspelled or something like that.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Darn it I typed 2m but this keyboard keeps correcting me when it shouldn't!

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I am doing a MWB scan now but Nothing from them is on my computer UNLESS it is in another title. I'll go back & see if there is something that doesn't look right in add & remove.
Well they won't put anything else on this Discover least not until I receive my new card. This sounds as bad as a back door virus. I guess I do need to go to LzD & let them look.
I was looking at your last letter.. my problem has 2 Ms.
I haven't ordered any software in a long time.
Gone to check add & delete then off to LzD.

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I knew what U meant..

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MWB came up clean..
I see several thing in A&R that I don't know but probably put there long time ago..

ATI Catalyst install manager
Kobi Inc
lightscript software.
Power2Go cyberlink corp
powerDirector cyberlink corp

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well never hurts to be checked out!

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