36" Wall oven - is it worth it?

crazedandconfusedSeptember 19, 2013

We're just beginning a kitchen renovation and are starting to look at wall ovens. We would love to go with a double oven but space won't allow it. We're most likely going with a 36" cooktop and were wondering if a 36" single wall oven would be the answer.

We're specifically looking at the KitchenAid 36" Architect Series Model number KEBC167VSS

Does anyone have any feedback about either this specific wall over, or 36" wall ovens in general?

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What are you trying to accomplish with the 36" wall over? Why do you feel you need something that is wider than 30"?

I don't have a specific comment on that model, but what we found was that when we were looking at the Wolf 30 and 36" models that they were almost the same in terms of interior space when all was said and done. Since the 36" was wider it wasn't as deep, which was a deal breaker for us.

Now I don't know if all brands are like that, but you need to think about what you need before you decide what you want.

We needed to be able to fit certain baking sheets in for when we bake (both wife and I) and we brought them with us to the store. Once we found that the 36" was not deep enough we knew what we were going to do right then and there.


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Sophie Wheeler

And what will you do with that 6" when that oven craps out and that one isn't made any more? It' single source technology that has zero chance of being widely adopted.

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Wolf Dacor and KA have 36" electric wall ovens.

Gaggenau has the short 36" "pizza" electric wall oven.

And Bluestar has a gas 36" wall oven.

BTW Have you posted your layout in Kitchen Forum?

Maybe they can give you some ideas you have not thought of yourself.

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The Bluestar wall oven may be quite a bit bigger than the electric ovens. Measure the racks for usable area which will not be the same as the interior dimensions. You would have to consider how you will use it. Take your pans into the store. It will take a lot longer to preheat and you will always be heating the whole thing. You will not be able to cook at two different temperatures.
Agree with deeageaux that you should post your layout on the kitchen forum.
I used to use a large counter top oven before I had two ovens. I could use it on the back porch in the summertime. My mother had a double oven with a smaller one and larger one but I don't think they make that anymore. Have you considered something like this? My cousin has this and likes it.

Here is a link that might be useful: single double oven

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Thanks everyone. We're still in the midst of working with our kitchen designer but I'll definitely post the layout when I get my hands on it.

The more I learn about 36" wall ovens, they more I think we're straying away from them. If we go with the oven-under-cooktop layout we'll probably go 5 to 6 burner cooktop with a single 30" underneath.

We're now considering a 36" range. Any opinions on 36" freestanding 6-burner ranges? The Electrolux Icon series looks great and seems to tick a lot of boxes for what were looking for, but I'm not at all familiar with Electrolux ranges. Anyone have good or bad experiences with them, or have any suggestions for a 6-burner ranges under $6,500? I've seen a lot about Bluestar but don't know much about them either.

Thank you again!!

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I am thinking about doing the same, 36" convec oven Kitchenaid, 36" Thermador 6 burner gas cooktop. I also will have a 30" convec oven, 27" micro/convec, 30" warming drawer/all Kitchenaid.
The 36" oven would go in my island since it is not an oven I would use on a day to day basis.
This is my 2nd kitchen remodel and what I liked about my 1st kitchen was the 36" Kitchenaid dual fuel range (and I had all the same listed appliances). The oven in the range was great for turkeys and sheets of cookies. I would love to do a Thermador 36" range but the cost-yikes! I can get the best of both worlds if I do the Thermador cook top (all 6 burners have 18k btu's) and the convec 36" oven all for $2000 less then the 36" Thermador range. Yes, the range will give me 1 burner that has 22k btu output but I think I can live without that to help save $.
Does anyone know how long the 36" oven has been on the market?

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Two ideas that we liked for our kitchen:

1) Since the oven and cooktop are separate, you can keep them physically apart and instead use cabinet space to store utensils for that appliance nearby. E.g., if the pans can go in a drawer under the cooktop it saves you shoe leather. Since your cooktop will be different size from your oven, the different size won't be noticed if they aren't stacked.

2) Using induction provides faster heating than gas but doesn't get the kitchen hot. For us, the cooktop had to be on an island next to seating so induction was important to not cook the diners. However, it would require a dedicated 50amp circuit & if you have invested in copper bottom cookware you wouldn't be able to use it on induction.

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Separate wall oven plus cooktop you have to spend more on cabinetry, countertop, and labor. It easts into most if not all of the savings. Plus, you place the oven away from the vent. Something smelly and/or burning in the oven? Good luck with that.

2) Using induction provides faster heating than gas but doesn't get the kitchen hot.

Induction does not provide faster heating than true open gas burners.

True, induction is 96% efficient in putting energy to the pan, but the pan is not a black hole. A hot pan puts heat into the kitchen.

In link is a really great bang for the buck range. $4750 with free shipping for 36" American Range Performer Series true open burner range with dual convection oven capable of accepting a full size commercial baking sheet with two 25k btu power burners that will go all day long. Not just for a few minutes on boost robbing surrounding hobs of power.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK to AR Perfomer Series

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You're right of course. Turn on an oven with the door closed & it will add to the heat of the kitchen. But leave the oven on with the door open and things will really heat up. The waste heat generated by gas cooking is estimated at about 60%.(1) So if the cooking need is X BTUs the kitchen will get X BTUs hotter with induction and 2.5X BTUs hotter with gas. It's worse than that though, as you care about the heat where you are. The original X BTUs don't impact you much when they stay on the stove and in the food, but the 1.5X waste BTUs are in the surrounding environment. You really can feel a big difference if you put a couple of pots on to boil.

Induction has it's downsides which I won't diminish. I'm just trying to ensure that the fundamental point is understood.

(1) http://www.oldhouseweb.com/blog/time-to-kiss-your-gas-stove-goodbye/

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