GE Side By side Fridge dispenses ice, but not water.

MrRyszardSeptember 24, 2013


Hello All. I'm hoping this is the place I can get some answers. I've been exploring all over the internet trying to find a similar scenario, but have yet to find one that matches my situation.

I have a GE Side by Side fridge that will ONLY dispense ice. Crushed and Cubed both work, but it will not dispense water.

I recently replaced the water filter thinking that would resolve my issue, but no, still no water from the door.

-About an inch and a half of ice in the bottom of my freezer (possibly unrelated, but unsure, has since been removed).
-No water in "chilling" tank inside the fridge.
-No water flowing from right hose behind kick-plate when disconnected.
-Disconnected all hoses from solenoids near compressor and tested Solenoids in a bucket. Fridge On, Water connected and on, pressed button to dispense water on door. Solenoid clicked, spattered a few drops of water, and then just clicked upon pressing thereafter.
-Held "dispense" button on water setting for 3 minutes, water tank did not fill up.
-As of about an hour ago, I've finished cleaning the fridge, defrosting/ice removal, and troubleshooting. I'm waiting to see if it's still making ice, or if I've made the issue worse (somehow). How long should it take to make one tray of ice from defrosted state?
-I've also been noticing a puddle of water leaking out from under the center of the fridge. I've been unable to pinpoint where the source is, but it's not constant (or doesn't appear to be). At maximum I would say it's a half a cup of water per occurrence; every few days.

At this point, I'm thinking I need either a new primary water inlet valve (WR57X10023) , or a secondary inlet valve. (WR57X10024). Unfortunately I don't have a Voltmeter to test the valves directly, but I was hoping a thorough explanation of the issue may be enough to pinpoint a culprit.

I don't have quite a full understanding of which valves provide water to which features, so unfortunately I would currently be guessing which one to order. Since the water IS (or at least was, yesterday) being provided to the ice maker, I'm assuming the primary is okay, and I would need to order a secondary? (If that's even the true cause).

Hopefully this is enough information to go off of, and thank you for any and all assistance.


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**UPDATE** It IS making ice again, but still no water through door or in tank in fridge.

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