sink turn around and go into diff room?

ready2movesNovember 4, 2013

Next bathroom has two sinks. There is a closet on the wall, and I was wondering if I could take one sink and use the plumbing and turn it to go into the area that the closet was on. I would remove the drywall and then have access to the copper pipes. Is there any reason this would not work?

(Background...I have two bathrooms next to each other and they are funny shaped, not square or rectangle. I am trying to undo the funny shapes by moving one sink from one to the other...

I kinda know the piping is facing into the original bathroom its in, and I know I most likely have to undo the copper piping, but I was kinda wondering if I could just buy adjustable and ????

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Draw us a picture. I don't quite get what you are asking.

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sorry about that. But, when i drew it out on paper, after opening the door, you would walk right INTO a sink. So decided that was not good. Wish I would of drawn it out on paper first!
thanks tho :)

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Drawings are great, aren't they? :)

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