New member: floor plan thoughts please!!

ruski1293August 22, 2012

I just discovered this wonderful site and love it! So many helpful ideas and comments that it provides. We have two daughters 5 and 2 and are looking to build a 3000 sq ft all brick ranch in northeast Ohio. Any thoughts on the attached floor plan are greatly appreciated. We are still in preliminary planning stages and love the open floor plan concept with separate full bathrooms for the kids. Thank you in advance!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor plan

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Nice plan. Here's where I'd make changes:
Pantry- too far from kitchen
No entryway closet- I' push the toilet into the linen closet and carve out a foyer closet. You have tons of MB closet space to steal for a linen closet. I also can't imagine having to get a towel and going into the front entry to do so.
Bath room-Swap the front kids bath and closet so you can add a bathroom window.
Fireplace-The exterior fireplace is a light stealer. I'd make one double 2 sided fireplace (interior and exterior centered with the living room then do the doors or windows on the sides. This makes space for a TV/electronics wall.
I'd want more of a dumping ground for bags/coats/shoes too.

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It looks like the plan was designed for a zero lot line development as there are no windows on either side of the house. I would add more windows to all those rooms.

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This plan reminds me a lot of another plan we've worked on in the past year... The interior laundry is what reminds me of it. One of the things we had to work through on that, was how to vent the dryer. It is a LONG ways to anywhere to vent this one.

Yes, it needs more windows. This has hardly any, and I am surprised the one shown for the front lower bedroom is even large enough to meet egress.

I think the Master bath could be better laid out, and with a window.

And, you MUST make sure you have pocket or out-swing toilet room doors (this applies to your master WC; they did it properly for the 1/2 bath in the hall by the pantry).

I would try to stagger the location of the sink/stove in the kitchen so that you can have a person at each station there without bumping bums.

And, I'd figure out how to get the fridge nearer to the eating area. I wouldn't want people walking through my work zone (stove/sink area) between table and fridge... best to keep them out of that flow of traffic.

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I am in NEO too. I see a couple problems.

the major issue is that there is going to be very little light in the great room. The only windows in that room face a deep screened porch which will block light. not only that, but the breakast area has only one side with windows. So you will effectively have very little natural light in the main living area. And as you know, natural light is a serious consideration in these parts. Winters are too long and dark for a plan like this.

My second issue, which is much more subjective, is the style of the home. I dont think the style matches the norm for the area at all. It reminds me of a house on the East Side that looks like it was air-dropped from FL. Very bizarre and out of place. Most hoems, even new ones, are much more traditional around here.

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