Advice on Material/Finshes for Guest Bath Reno

kirelandNovember 4, 2013

Hello, I relied heavily on this site for my kitchen remodel in 2011 and now that we are doing our upstairs guest bath I'm back!!

It measures 4.5 ft.x7.25 ft. and is used daily by my husband. We are removing the standard sized tub and replacing it with a walk in shower (same size as tub) that will have a glass wall enclosure (going to start with just the wall and add a door if the water is too much). The shower floor will be a white pan for ease of replacing the tub/resale.
My H likes the overall bathroom design below, but we will be using a weathered pine vanity (will post photo in follow up to this post - can't figure out how to post more than one photo).
Going to go with the commode and brushed nickel medicine chest as shown and add a white cabinet over the commode- I think the white will tie in with the shower pan and sink (will post photo in follow-up post).
We like the wall tile and molding as shown in the picture and I am thinking larger format tile for the flooring in a similar material/colour as the vanity top (hard to tell the exact colour but it is off white marble). We will tile the shower to the ceiling with either the same tile as the floor OR in the same wall tile.
Here is where I need your advice...

Would you do the subway tile shown on the walls in the shower as well? Or would you tile the shower to match the flooring? I am wondering about it being too much subway tile and whether the wall tiles should be distinctive from the shower surround. How large should I go with the floor tiles? The room is small - will too large a tile (e.g. 18x18) overpower it?

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Here is the vanity:

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Here is the wall cabinet for over the commode:

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I like the subway tile but I think it goes too far up the wall in that picture if you are going to put the wall cabinet up. I think the chair rail will make the cabinet be too high up and won't look right. Maybe only bring the tile up to a few inches above the vanity?

In the shower I would keep the subway tile on the wall. Use the floor tile for the shower floor only cut smaller or laid out in a different pattern. You could use that tile or at least one in that color for a niche in the shower.

Just a thought! Good luck. Oh, and the I love the vanity!

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Thanks Lotteryticket. I was thinking the same thing re the height of the wall tile, I will likely go a bit lower, probably to the bottom of the mirror. My other concern (besides it being too busy) about using the subway tile on the shower walls is that it is a light brown colour (called chocolate) and it might make the bathroom too dark, that is why I was thinking the lighter, larger format tiles on the shower walls. Maybe if I'm not going too high up the walls though I won't mind using it in the shower. I could paint a lighter colour above the tiles on the walls.

My contractor (who I've worked with before and trust) is advising I use a shower pan because I don't want the smaller format tiles on the floor of the shower.

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I think a shower pan is the way to go then. There are some nice ones. My husband is a GC and brought home a few brochures for a client. They are nice and have a clean look, not too busy as some small tiles can be.

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Hi kireland , I love your wall cabinet . Is it custom made ?

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llilo - it's from Pottery Barn! I love it too - very clean lines and I think it will look great with the molding and the tan color of the tiles.

Speaking of the molding - I think I want to do it in a white tile border vs, the wood shown, what do others think about this?

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Defiinitely do the molding in tile. It's a luxurious look!

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