How do I determine if I need to upgrade windows?

albert_135August 7, 2011

As noted earlier I have lost features on one computer only - both FF and IE.

My log-in frames are missing on some sites and some Netflix features are missing. I powered it down overnight and rebooted. Upgraded Malwarebites, Ad-aware, and Avast and ran these and restarted. Still lost features on Netflix and another site.

How do I determine if I need an upgrade to my XP? Do I need a newer windows?

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Your problem sounds like java or flash type of issue, but it's weird that it occurs across 2 browsers indicating a windows issue. You could try a system restore to a time before the issue occurred this would address a windows file issue if present.

Lets face it XP is old and it's certainly recommend to up-grade to a current operating system like Windows 7.

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If your hardware is up to the job.

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There's lots of things that could cause those kinds of problems, including something on Netflix's end.

An upgrade may be indicated when there are enough new features in the operating system to justify the expense of the new operating system. Of course, my definition of "justify" may not be quite the same as yours.

You also need to ensure that your computer can meet the requirements of a new operating system. Generally speaking any computer bought with Windows XP is not likely to have sufficient memory or processing power to make running Windows 7 enjoyable.

You might want to consider backing up critical data and doing a fresh install of XP. Cleaning out the old garbage can make a world of difference in the performance of an older computer. Plus there's no financial investment, just time.

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Piecemeal upgrades with new hardware and operating systems on old computers is usually a waste of money. Better option is to keep an eye out for used or refurbished equipment that came with Vista or Windows 7 when new.

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