Horizontal Porch railings.

ponydocAugust 25, 2008

Does anyone have them? I have seen a few Dutch Colonial homes with horizontal railings only. I would like to see a few more if there are any out there.

This is somewhat what i have in mind.

This is the front of our home. Due for some new pics for sure!

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Some persons with small kids do not like them for safety reasons (climbing)

Your house is very nice!

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I really like the look. They don't meet code here unfortunately.

This link has a small close up photo of that style.

I thought I had some photo files saved but I can't find any.

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Not code in many places.
Ask your AHJ.

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Forgive me, but I don't care for the board fence look. They are useless as a safety measure for children and small animals; and very few houses look good with the horizontal starkness. I think I've never seen them in real life except on beach houses, and there they are backed with screening or mesh (for safety).

It's a good thing that isn't my porch (altho I wish it was), because it would have narrow vertical wood rails with just a tiny touch of gingerbread for dressing. Obviously the opposite of your preference, lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: porch photos

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I am not sure they are to code here either although not sure it matters as we live in an area in which there isn't anyone to actually monitor such things.

I wish I could actually find a pic to post of the inspiration house for this... it's in a movie and I haven't been able to get a good still of it.

Our back porch has a large drop off therefore it's not an option for the back, still thinking about the front. DH is actually leaning toward no railing at all. Just finishing the columns The support columns under the porch will be covered with stone with lattice in between.

And you are right- I am not into gingebread :)!

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Usually if the porch is less than 30" above the ground no railing is required and many codes do not prohibit horizontal rails for higher decks. My only objection would be the size of the intermediate rails since they can block the view.

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You home style is similar to ours and since your porch is close to the ground, I think it would look great with no railings.Since you would probably be up to code with nothing, you could take your time and add railing later if you wanted.
What will the finished columns look like?

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