What's the purpose of having a remote control for a range hood?

hammerslammerSeptember 18, 2013

I'm still looking for a range hood and I keep seeing models that include a handheld remote control. I don't get it. I guess I may be about to ask a stupid question...but...what are they for?

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The best reason to have one is for really short people.

Instead of having a switch on the wall installed.

I suppose you may want to leave one on for while after cooking and sit at the kitchen table and turn off while sitting.

But the best reason is for very short cooks.

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Thanks, deeageaux! I never considered that possibility. You seem to be extremely knowledgeable about these things. I hope you don't mind if I pepper you with a few more questions. You're teaching me a lot and I need all the help I can get.
After much consideration, we have now decided to go with a wall-mounted chimney style hood. One of the online cabinet suppliers has just started offering the Cavaliere-Euro range hoods. Can you offer any insights about that line?
A few more concerns:
- If a hood comes with a remote control, does that mean you can only operate it with the remote control?
- Is it better to have a hood with the lights located towards the front or the rear?
- Some hoods have "baffles," some don't. Does it matter?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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I have never seen a Cavaliere range hood in person but one of the few trustworthy dealers that post here at GW, Eurostoves , thinks that Cavaliere is one of the better hoods in its class.

I think they all have controls on the hood, remotes are secondary redundant controls.

For seeing it is better to have the lights toward the front but for venting better to have them toward the rear.

Mesh filters are better at very low CFM say under 200 cmf. About the same between 200 cfm and 400 cfm as long as the mesh filters are clean. A slight edge to mesh filters here but again as long as they are clean. And Baffles are better over 400 cfm. Dirty, you are far better off with baffles

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Wow, I've always wanted to know what criteria to use when deciding between mesh and baffles and this is the first explanation I've seen, so thanks, Deeageaux! I'm thinking of right around 400 cfm (maybe up to 600 if I can get away with it, but I plan to use it on the lower settings most of the time.) I'm looking at tradeoffs and thinking maybe a deeper hood for better capture, but I'm willing to wash the filters when they get dirty. I see some have a light that turns on to let you know when to clean them, but I think it is just a timer that counts hours of use? Don't mean to hijack, I'll post my contenders soon, just want to say thanks!

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Thanks, Deeageaux! You're a gold mine of valuable information. I never realized there was so much to learn about range hoods. I'm so glad I am fortunate enough to benefit from your insights before making a final decision on what to purchase.

And lori, please feel free to join the discussion. I'm very interested to learn what hoods other buyers may be taking a look at.

BTW, these are the hoods I referred to in my opening post:


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