Bathroom backsplash

brendatNovember 24, 2013

Just need some opinions on whether this tile works or not with our countertop.


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It is really difficult to tell. If the counter has green in it, does the mosaic? The counter looks like it has a little green cast to it. Also are you repainting? I don't like the blue with the counter. Can you post another picture with just the counter and the mosaic, a close up?

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Agree that a close-up is needed to be sure. The photo is blurred, but in a way that helps with checking the undertones without focusing on details. The undertones seem to complement each other, as do the styles--both surfaces feel contemporary and masculine.

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I think it looks fine. Pick your grout carefully to really bring it together.

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i don't love it... i think there's too much of the light color and i don't like that color very much, esp with your wall color (i don't think i would choose it even if you changed your wall color tho)... i would try some different backsplash options...

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Whoooahh! Not sure if others have different colours showing on their monitors, but I think it goes really well! What is more natural than blue and green together anyways? LOL

A picture on that side wall that has all your colours in it would tie everything together nicely.

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Try this picture as a close up.

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And this one

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If the counter is green and the paint is blue then in my opinion the mosaic should have these two colors in it to tie everything together .
This picture doesn't really show the colors . Is your sink white or biscuit ? Is the mosaic white or beige ? If they are beige then you should change the white electric plug into beige too , it's too striking with the mosaic there next to it .

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I think the counter top and the wall paint go well together..they look cohesive. The tile is the problem...when you look at it as a whole, you see sink.... counter...tile. The tile color makes it look's the pink tones in the lightest color tile that is throwing everything off.

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The countertop is called luna shadow by Wilsonart 3d laminate, which the color is a pewter/gray color. Wall color is nimbus gray which is a blue. The tile has a clear glass and frosted glass but no green in it.

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What colour is your sink ? If it's white , Then why do you get the mosaic with beige tiles ? . You should get a mosaic with white tiles and greeish and blueish glass tile in it . I agree with lindalp that the pink or beigy tones in the little tiles are the problem .

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Looking back at your pictures , in one of them the mosaic tile looks the same colour as your counter . I think the colours of the counter and tile show differently depending on the light and the angle the picture is taken from .
If the mosaic tile is greyish like the counter , leave it alone .
If the mosaic tile is beige then I think you need to change it to white or grey with blueish glass tile . Good luck .

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i am realizing now that you have your whole backsplash up and it's not a sample---- i would see if i could remove a good amount of the opaque light colored beige colored tiles- don't know if they're marble or ceramic- but there just looks like there's way too many of them- and replace them with the dark and/or glass tiles... if there were quite a bit fewer of the light colored long rectangles, it would look much better, imo.

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Thanks for the feedback. The tiles wereup but not pressed in so we took out the lighter colors and added more of the dark gray and some glass pieces.

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