windows updates restart issue

gerinaAugust 10, 2011

I have an older desktop with XP. I have it set to automatically check for, and to install, Windows updates. I have just now changed the settings to allow me to install them. That being said, each time the automatic update does the install, followed by the shut down/restart, my computer locks up and gets stuck with the screen saying that it is shutting down. I have to cut the power in order to restart. Once it is restarted, my icons, text and what not are so large that it can be read from one mile away by a mole.

I've tried to change the sizes thru the control panel(I think) and it doesn't quite do the trick. I've used system restore and that has worked effectively. Today, I have chosen an "EARLIER DATE" for the restore and it will not accept the date.

1 - Why is the system restore to an earlier date not working?

2 - How do I reduce the size of everything?

Thanks. geri

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You should have icon on right side of task bar may say 100% to reduce the size must pick a date that is acceptable..

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It sounds as if the resolution of your monitor is out of whack. In Control Panel open Display and set the monitor resolution to a higher setting. If it's a LCD monitor, it should be set to the recommended resolution for that monitor. That will make things a more normal size.

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