60" Range: Wolf or CC

WalterJacksonSeptember 15, 2012

We are building a house and plan to include a 60" range. We have narrowed it down to Capital or gas Wolf.

From owners of each, what are the problems you have encountered? Alternatively, I would love to hear about toruble free relationships.

Don't care about BTUs; just want it to work everytime and perform as advertised.

Thank you for your feedback.

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I was looking to buy a Corvette ZR-1 or SRT Viper but I don't care about horsepower.

Just want it to work everytime and perform as advertised.

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Feel free to expand on your concerns and fill us in on your conclusions to date.

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I've been cooking on an AG Wolf for 8 years. The criticisms of the broad flame spread of the Wolf's burners, especially on high fit with my experience. I have had no issues with the simmer on the Wolf and like it. We use fully clad pans and have never scortched a dish. I prefer IR grills and have the charbroiler and really like it. The oven is good, most use is roasting and pizza/breads. Oven door does get hot. Only repairs have been the broiler ignitor and the range receives a lot of use and abuse. Were I looking today I think the CC would be my choice, but having lived with the Wolf for 8 years I could easily live with another one. The CC's non-IR grill would be an issue as it was when I got the Wolf.

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There are other aspects to performance in a range besides high end of BTUs. For me the oven is very important. If you are considering Wolf why the AG. Is there a reason you wouldn't want dual fuel? I have the DF and the oven is great. It has dual third element convection fans as opposed to just a fan in the convection mode. You can load it up and it bakes very evenly. You can direct the heat more from the top for roasting and from the bottom for baking. The third elements around the fans keep the oven very even.
The burners are sealed and I don't have an issue with the flame spreading too much but the smallest pan I use is 7 inches in diameter. It does have one small burner if you do need to use a smaller pan. The simmer is also very important for me. The simmer on the sealed burner is larger in diameter than the semi sealed burner so the heat spread out a little more. If you have good heat conductive pans, this won't matter though. You can hold mashed potatoes for a long time without scorching.

I think Wolf has excellent service from what people have said on these boards but I have never had to use it. It has been trouble free for 4 years.

I would read the many threads about these ranges. It is the only way that you can get what is the best for the way you cook.

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We put the 60in DF Wolf range in when we were building 6 years ago. Have had no service issues whatsoever. I agree with wekick's comments. I cook a lot, large quantities and small, it has been great. I love the ovens, love the simmer, burners are great, use the griddle and grill all the time. Besides the features, I was influenced by the beefy look, seemed to be the look I wanted in our kitchen.

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