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stumpystumpAugust 10, 2014

We are building a hopefully forever home on a lake. This is what we have come up with so far. Some things I love and some things I don't. I would love to hear what y'all think.
Thanks in advance.

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Can you post a plan that is a little bigger and has readable dimension?

I'm confused about the second floor. Is that a kitchen. And double doors to where? And part of another bathroom? How do you access that space?

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I will work on seeing if I can get it bigger and more readable. (Sorry! That is what he sent and it's all I have. Ugh!)

Upstairs is basically taking up the space over the garage. The stairs are right next to the garage and that is how you get upstairs. (The majority of the upstairs plan is "on top of" an older plan. (Originally had double entry doors but now we are having single.)

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Is the kitchen drawn on the "upstairs" plan actually the main floor kitchen (but you have vaulted, or dual height ceilings on the main floor)?

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Sophie Wheeler

Hire an architect. It's egregiously amateur.

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There are some major problems:
-Big juts out the back but windows only on one side of them. That deck will look uninviting with blank walls on two sides
-Bedroom right off the dining room is a bit off putting. The dining area in general has several traffic lines going through it, all of which would be hampered by the presence of a dining table there.
-Long dark hallways leading to two of the bedrooms. Especially in the master, where the focal point coming into the master suite is wall, and more wall
-In the bottom right bedroom, you walk right into the side of the closet when entering the room, making for awkward traffic flow. Quite the zig zag you have to make to go from the living room into that room
-No clear delineation between the foyer and living space
-Lots of wasted floor space in the master bathroom, and again you have to zig and zag your way into it.
-Quite the expense to put in a staircase for one relatively small room. That staircase will also be extremely dark and confining by being completely enclosed. The upstairs landing will basically be pitch black.
-Shower/bath window right off the front door. Wonder if you're home? Peek-a-boo, there you are!

Sadly it is probably indeed best to start from scratch.

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