must one have a backsplash on the sink?

cocogrovemomNovember 22, 2010

I am using a chest as a vanity in a powder room. It has a marble top with an undermount sink. It is old marble however and I do not have a backsplash. Is it a big no-no to just have painted dry wall behind a vanity? Has this caused problems for anyone?

Alternatively I could mirror the wall behind it but I am worried about the chest bumping into the mirror.



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I cannot answer whether long term usage of a vanity without a backsplash is safe. However, I used my marble top vanity for months without a backsplash (just painted wall). When I finally put the backsplash on, the wall was still in perfect condition. How is the sink used? Is it mostly/only adults or will children be using the sink? Our household includes just two adults and very rarely do we have any children in the house. My significant other is very splashy when he washes his hands and whenever I would go in there, there would be water sitting around the faucets. Yet still no damage. I am considering going without a backsplash permanently in an upcoming powder room remodel with a pedestal sink.

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I am also using an old dresser as a vanity. I'm going to tile the wall behind it, so the tile will be the backsplash. Like a kitchen's tile backsplash...

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We do have kids though this powder room won't get much use. You make an excellent point about the pedestal sink however. Ours in the guest room has no back splash and seems fine.

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I had two pedestal sinks in two bathrooms with no backsplash and it was a disaster. We wound up putting a white Corian backsplash above one and using a couple of spare travertine tiles from the shower for the other. They look like the afterthoughts they were. When I redo the powder room (the one with the Corian) I am planning to cover the wallpaper behind the sink with glass between the vanity and the framed mirror above it (tiling would eat up an extra half-inch on each wall, which I can't afford to lose).

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I have a pedestal sink with nothing but drywall above it with no problems at all. Only 2 adults and 3 cats (2 of which love to play in water). It's been this way for almost 2 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: pedestal sink

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Thanks for sharing, jans. That's exactly what I am considering for our powder room remodel.

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I have a 5' serving table as a vanity with no backsplash. The issue is not degradation of the wall the issue is just ease of cleaning. I would suggest a good cleanable enamel.

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We have boys that are not very careful and really needed a backsplash - finally found this pedestal with a nice high backsplash and it is working great. (They still manage to get some water on the walls!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Orion Ashwell Pedestal sink

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