Roller Wheels on Refrigerators?

pcwearySeptember 8, 2007

Do you know if all refrigerators today come with roller wheels(casters) or are they specific to the brand?

I know that KA has a good set but now I am curious about the Jennair's that no one has one display in our area and web sites do not have that info posted..

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I just asked DH and neither of us can think of a refrigerator we've ever seen or known that doesn't have some sort of wheels on it/ Even the built-ins need a way to position them and pullout for service.

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I did mean full size fridges -- obviously a dorm size fridge could be lifted and wouldn't need wheels, but the full size should. Find the 800 number for customer support on theier webite and call them if you really want to know for sure. My bigger concern would be not being able to see the shelves, drawers and doors and how that all works for you if you can't find one on display.

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I like the thought that's put in to the higher-middle end fridges now. I have a Jenn Air FD, and it has four-corner leveling handled from the front, which means you can get the thing perfectly plumb front/back, and side-side. Same goes for the GE profile I think. And, the JA has rubber feet that screw down so it can't roll once adjusted.

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Thank you for your responses. Not all refrigerators have the wheels that would allow moving out from the wall, at will, with little effort.
I had already contacted Jennair about their floating glass SxS and after 10 days I have not heard back. That, in itself, may tell me if I want to go with this brand. The interior shot of shelves, etc. was found on ebay so I am not completely in the dark about the inside of this model.
(I also inquired at Jennair about getting a picture of the interior. ..Nothing>)
It is definitely important that we are able to roll this out easily so I thank you for trying to help.

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Regardless of whether or not refrigerators have wheels, you must protect any resilient flooring material, including wood, from the heavy point rolling loads that a fully loaded refrigerator can tranfer to flooring. Not doing so can result in permanent compression damage to the flooring.

A simple 3/16" sheet of tempered hardboard or other suitable panel to move appliances out onto helps protect flooring from such damage.

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Like the OP mentioned my KA SXS has the four heavy duty wheels and then also has the ability to level front to back and side to side. Its so much easier to maneuver than my moms GE or my Amana that it replaced (moms is 4 yo and the amana was 6 yo) Its simple to pull it out and move it around.

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