Viking VGIC365 6B -- shorts out

Rachel546September 25, 2012

My 11-year-old oven started throwing a circuit breaker several months ago. I can reset the circuit, but until the oven cools down, no juice to the kitchen. I called my friendly repair tech -- who has replaced the igniters several times -- and he thought it might be a faulty thermostat. Replaced it, but still blows a circuit when hot. Next called electrician to check kitchen. No problems with house wiring. Called back friendly repair tech who says is a short in the oven, and he can't work on it. Called a new repair tech, who finds and repairs a short, also reinsulates the oven, but when it still threw the circuit breaker, he pointed to the kitchen wiring. Called the electrician, who tinkered with the GFIs but says the problem is the oven. HELP! Note, this only happens when the oven is hot, not when the igniters fire up.

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Here's a bit of background

Obviously, there is more than just one short. It likely that given the poor history of the brand, unless someone wants to volunteer to overhaul the electrical system gratis, time to move on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Epinions

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Rachel, I don't see how the wiring in the house could be the problem - if you have a bad breaker or bad GFCI, that could be an issue, but the wiring itself shouldn't be an issue for a variety of reasons, not the least of which, you haven't done any rewiring lately. If you can reset the circuit breaker, and the oven still does not work, than it sounds like something in the oven, not the circuit breaker. Call or email Viking and ask for another repair person. As things heat up, they expand, and it is possible that when something expands, it causes a short that is then causing the breaker to trip. It could be extremely difficult for anyone to find - and it would probably help if you could test enough so you could tell them - it trips when the oven is at 400 for 1/2 hour. They will likely have to be there when it trips so they can check the wiring while it is still shorted - which may be tricky since the stove is still hot.

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