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wishiwasinozAugust 22, 2012

I posted in Flooring but am not sure if that forum sees traffic. I am really interested in getting my flooring from them. They are based in L.A. I live in FL, so it isn't like I can just pop over to check them out. If anyone has used them, could you please share your experience. I will need about 2,500 square feet of flooring, so this isn't a decision I am taking lightly (this & my cabinetry/kitchen are my biggest things I want to get 100% right). Thanks for any feedback.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flooring Post

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I did google them, it appears they just get the wood from all over and send it out. I lived in that area for many years, built and remodeled our own places but have never heard of it. You need to check on shipping, who will install it, guarantees, does it come pre-finished? etc. Have you asked any contractor in your are to compare materials and prices? Just a few things to check on. Would do it? No. I prefer to deal local.

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