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chas045August 13, 2012

I have an old Dell inspiron 8200 laptop with only 40gig HD and 1 meg memory, win XP sp3 and was using explorer 7 I thought. It kept asking to upgrade to 8 but I was a little worried considering my minimal use and old machine. Actually, as I was looking for a version for this post, it appears to be 8.6001 something; perhaps as recently as this morning.

Today, I was having trouble getting into gardenweb at all. I had to shut down a couple of times. Instead I tried firefox for essentially the first time and got on easily and it ran much faster than my usual experience in garden web. So, i tried other sites with no trouble and was (or am) planning to switch to firefox. On the other hand, I am using Explorer 8 now and it is working although still slower than firefox.

Anyway, while in firefox 5. I went to my online NY Times newspaper and was about to look at a couple of videos but it says I will have to install Flash Player. Well, I have Flash PLayer. Adobe is often telling me to upgrade it for security and I do it. I had thought I was using 10.5 something but when I finally found it in my system folder, it says it is version 11. something. I actually clicked on the NY Times link for instalation to see what would happen and it said to download version 10.3 I think. Well I certainly don't want to backtrack on my flash player. Shouldn't firefox already know I have an existing and newer flash player? What should I do?

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get flash with your firefox at adobe ....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Each browser must have its own flash install and you must get, download, install the specific version for the browser you are using. So for firefox use firefox to download the firefox version of flash, install, for IE go with it get the ie version and install. I generally get the flash at filehippo just search for non ie flash on Google.
I would suggest adding the adblock plus add on with the easylist subscription to block the ads which will help speed page load quite a bit.

Definitely make sure that your adobe products as well as java are fully updated and it is essential to remove the old versions just having them on the pc leaves the security issues there.
Go with each browser and update.

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mikie, that is almost exactly what my flash player Already is. it is ver 11.3.300.270.

I incorrectly said my flash player was in the system folder. It is in the control panel. I also said I thought I was using explorer 7 but I was confused. I guess explorer 8 was already running for months and it was just telling me (for months)to configure it for my personal use. I haven't done that yet. I thought I was stopping it form upgrading.

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Thanks raven and mikie. We are cross posting a couple of times. It obviously wasn't clear to me before, that separate versions of flash would be needed. Seems very unusual. I suppose I will see two Flash Player icons in my control panel. Normally if I saw two equally named icons, I would delete the older named file. Seems like a risky design 'feature'. But anyway mikie NOW it is clear why you gave the link.

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There are only two Flash Players, IE and non-IE (everything else). If you save the download and then install you can download with whatever browser you wish. No coordination is necessary.

Is you install directly without saving first you must use the appropriate targeted browser to obtain the appropriate Flash Player.

There will only be one Flash entry on the Control Panel itself, but two in the Program and Features. The non-IE version by self-identification is a plug-in to the Active X IE version.


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