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dks35September 10, 2012

hi all,

we've been trying to choose an induction cooktop for our kitchen. after much discussions and measurements we have agreed that the 36" is not an option - space is limited, so it will be a 30", pure black cooktop. Among the the 30" cooktops we really liked the KA Architect II KICU509XBL rimless. It has very good functionality, hob placement and just looks great. We also like the functions on the 500 Series' Bosch NIT5065UC and hob placement is ok, BUT - it has aluminum looking strips of metal in the back and the front. And you apparently can't opt out of those. The NIT3065UC model (entry level) of Bosch is rimless but functionality is lacking. Other makers we looked at were GE and Electrolux - also not a very good set of options. The upscale models (Miele/Wolf/Viking) are out of our budget.

So my question is - has anyone had KA KICU509XBL or KICU509XSS (with stainless trim) installed recently and how do they fare? If you have Bosch 500 series - do you like it and does the metal strip trim go well with your kitchen design? Or is it more of a distraction? Any other suggestions?

thanks a lot!

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I have the 500 Bosch with the strips and I like the strips a lot, and love my cooktop a lot. The strips never bothered me. Mine haven't scratched but I am not a heavy duty cook. I don't even get it why they are unattractive.

The Bosch requires very little clearance underneath so I was able to have a utensil drawer made for underneath.

It has timers for each hob, which shut off the hob. It probably has other goodies but I haven't figured them out (in over a year!).

Pre purchase, I fretted over the power sharing. Most cooktops have some kind of power sharing It turned out to be a non-issue.

Most of us gardenwebbers love our induction cooktop picks, whatever they are, and for whatever reasons. Most induction cooktops are similar to each other.

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I just bought a Bosch 800 series induction; not installed yet. I found one marked as a floor model that had never been opened or out of the box and paid less for it than the 500 series that I was looking at.

I was debating between the Bosch 500, Kitchenaid, Ge Profile; couldn't find a bad review on any Bosch model. Would have liked a bridge element, but for my use, I think the ease of pushing a specific button for power levels will be used more on a daily basis than a bridge. I currently have an early 80's Jenn-Air coiled downdraft that has a griddle option but I only use it once a year at Christmas if I have a crowd for breakfast. I can pick up an inexpensive electric griddle if I find a need for it.

I must be odd, I like the looks of the strips on the Bosch. They are different than other induction models I looked at. I was set on the 500 series until I ran across this and couldn't say no to the price.

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Hi dks35,

I am also shopping for a new induction cook top to replace my Kenmore Elite. My Kenmore, which needed about a $300 repair a couple years ago now need another $300-500 (or more) repair, and I am ditching it. It is made by Electrolux so I suggest avoiding that brand.

I am leaning toward a Bosch or maybe a Miele, if I can find a great deal.

I don't mind the aluminum trim on my Kenmore. I have a stainless blacksplash and the trim looks good, in my opinion. It does have a couple scratches but they don't bother me. I cook everyday, sometimes all day, so a couple scratches is not too bad.

I'll be watching this thread with interest!

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I don't have it but I know somebody who has Bosch induction and is VERY happy with it - FWIW.

I don't know the model, she bought it 3-4 years ago (I think).

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I do, I do! I have a KICU509XBL! I got it in 2011, soon after it came out. I never saw it in person until mine arrived. Like you, I could only fit 30", and I wanted a bridge burner. I have used the bridge burner, although I still haven't found a lightweight non-stick 2-burner griddle (I live in hope). The hob placement and hob size is good. I love that it doesn't have a rim - it's so easy to clean. The controls are easy to use. I chose it because it does not have large required "clearances," so it fit into the space right next to a cab, and I can have an implement drawer right under it.

Actually, I love everything about it except one thing. At the lower power levels - everything up to 6 (out of 9) - it clicks, quietly and rhythmically, as the magnets come on and off to regulate the heat. So the heat is not perfectly even, as it would be if KA used something like a rheostat, although this doesn't seem to affect how it cooks. It cooks great. If you have more than one burner going, they each click, and they're out of synch. I couldn't believe it could be right, so I contacted KA. The woman on the phone was very sweet, and she took a lot of time and found a field tech who said this is just how they work. She was very apologetic, but couldn't do anything. Also, my pans buzz. I have a few different types of pans, including Tramontina TriPly Clad, some Italian non-stick made for induction, Oneida non-stick, Simply Calphalon, and Fissler, and they all buzz more or less. So while the theory is that it's the pans that buzz, I think other people have the Tramontina on other cooktops and they don't buzz.

I was very upset about this clicking/buzzing thing at first. In part, this was because the first time I used the thing was at 6:30 am, and the noise was particularly annoying in the still of the morning. But I have gotten used to it. If the hood is running, you can't really hear it much.

In summary, the KICU509 is a great unit in many ways. Since it was the one that best fit my space and needs, as well as being half the price of the Miele, I would probably still get it today. But I wish I'd known about the clicking. If you can, find one and listen to it with one of your own pans on it. Better yet, bring two pans and run two burners in counterpoint (if you time it right, you can get a nice latin beat). If you live anywhere near Rochester, NY, you can come over and listen to mine.

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Oh wow! Thank you all for your responses! I knew I'd find knowledgeable folks here.
Ginny20 - you are the first owner of KICU509XBL I came across! I haven't seen this cooktop in real life - only pictures, that's why your experience so valuable to me. Our current counter-top induction unit (Max Burton) that we got to try the "taste" of induction cooking does the same thing - it periodically clicks coming on/off. it is slightly annoying but we don't know how loud KA cooktop clicking is - so it might be ok after all, just like you said. Thank you for inviting me over to listen to it - would love to but we are in LA area... Couldn't really be further...:(
westsider40 - I have to say I like Bosch 500/800 if it just wasn't for the trim. Having an ability to choose power levels directly is why I can't commit to the 300 Series Bosch induction rimless cooktop, you have to go up and down pushing +/- buttons on it. Argh! My choice would have been so easy with 500 if it was not for that trim. The reason i don't like it because it won't look good on our countertop (our particular one) and it will get scratched (no matter what). I also don't like how it abruptly ends on the ends of cooktop. Function vs. looks - oldest dilemma, huh?

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No, I can see that you can't come to Rochester. But if you like, I'll make the arduous journey to sunny, warm LA and bring a recording of how the clicking sounds. Maybe in January or February? ;-)

I have to say, the rim on some models would be a deal-breaker for me. In my kitchen redo, I was all about minimizing the cleaning effort. For me, it's better to have no rim and slightly annoying noises than a rim and silence. And the KA power adjustment, where you just slide your finger along or just put it down where you want it,is really nice. Pressing +/- would make me nuts, too. But these things are very personal choices.

The GE required 12" clearance underneath, so no drawer possible, and the drawer is really convenient. The Elux is supposed to be good - does it come without a rim?

I had also considered the LG because it had a bridge burner, and it comes with a stainless steel griddle. Is there a reason that one isn't in the running? I think for me it was the clearances. It was also about $400 more than the KA.

You may come to the same conclusion I did, where the KA is the best choice in many ways. If you know the KA is going to click and maybe buzz, you won't be surprised and upset when it does. Or you can decide that the noise will drive you nuts and you can go in another direction. In any case, knowledge is power. Good luck, and let me know when you want me to visit sunny CA!

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You can record the sounds of the KA induction cooktop, then put it up on UTube. I did that with my Electrolux induction cooktop which makes no noise, whatsoever and it does not cycle on/off at low settings.

I whispered so folks could get a good idea of the camera's sound sensitivity.

I also did the same with my Elux Speed oven.

This would be a faster way for the OP to hear the KA, alto of course you are welcome in our bright and Sunny State, anytime!


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I have the Bosch 500 and love it.
I was not thrilled about having the stainless rims but now, I barely notice them. For the cost and the options it offers, it was my best choice. If I were willing to spend a little more, I would get the 800 series with the controls on the trim.

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Gary, I was kidding, but your suggestion is genius. If only I knew how to do that...I need to ask my teen DD.
But I googled it, and I found this discussion of KA cooktops from 2010. Wish I'd seen this.
I tried to find something on youtube that lets you hear the clicking, but there isn't anything. Even a video from the Whirlpool corporation that purports to explain the "normal operational sounds" doesn't mention clicking, only humming and the fan. People who took the time (and knew how) to put their KA induction on youtube were happy about how you can boil fast and the hob doesn't burn paper, and they never mention being annoyed about the clicking.

Here is a link that might be useful: KA clicking

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Thermador CIT304KBB = Bosch 500/800 without the s/s trim. (same parent company; too bad the Thermador is more expensive). Also available with silvery reflective glass instead of black.

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Ah, Thermador! thank you for reminding me. Yes - we have researched that unit. It is "slightly" out of our budget. Wolf model was also suggested. I guess if I sit on this decision a little longer, maybe spending additional $1.5K on this appliance will get easier.
thank you everyone for your comments!

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Dks - check for any sales on Thermador units. If you don't object to floor models, you can sometimes get a good bargain. We have a 36" Thermador induction cooktop (CIS365BB) which we got at a deep discount. This applies to any of the other models too. I love my cooktop which performs perfectly (so far).


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I have the Bosch 300, which I purchase because I HATE stainless so did not want the 500/800. While you are correct that you have to push the +/- instead of picking a specific level, it is very quick to get to the level you want. If you turn it on and press -, it starts at level 4 (a titch below half - half is 4.). If you turn it on and press + it starts at 9 (the only thing higher is boost. The manual is NOT great about explaining this.

When I purchased my Bosch, I was seriously considering a KA, but their retail rules really turned me off. KA was $1100 on on the East coast, but $1800 where I live and they will not allow their retailers to ship over 150 miles. I called to ask them about it and they were beyond rude. I assumed if I couldn't get at least a polite response before they had my money, I would be out of luck after.

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Two additional options
1. $1k IKEA NUTID with a five year standard warranty, rimless.
2. AEG HK764403FB Induction Hob- Maxisense zoneless with Direk Touch controls and rimless. This is the second gen of the induction tech leader. CE cert. includes US electrical perimeters. Your insurance carrier would ok with pro install. Shipping from the UK is $150 Fedex. Price less vat is $869+ ship. This unit is 28" wide. There is another 31.5" wide each with 4 bridgeable zones. The 31.5" has the first color display with status info on each zone.

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We've had a Bosch NIT8665 for about 2 years now, and are extremely pleased with it. We are slowly but surely upgrading our builder-installed GE appliances, and we chose the Bosch for its streamlined appearance and perceived reliability.

I am someone who is totally nit-picky about not having trim on anything that doesn't need it because it's just more nooks & crannies to clean, but honestly, the stainless bars at the top & bottom don't bother me at all, and don't seem to pick up any stains. If there's any aspect of the cooktop that I don't absolutely love, it would actually be that the shiny black surface shows any smudges/fingerprints, and seems to attract dust. But there don't seem to be many non-black options out there where induction is concerned.

As for the noise factor, being quite sensitive to noise, I too was worried prior to purchasing the unit that the humming would be problematic. However, I barely notice it -- maybe because whenever I turn the stove on, I automatically turn on the range hood for ventilation.

Both my husband and I really love this cooktop. It's both beautiful and practical, and the induction delivers consistent results every time we turn it on.

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Just wanted to chime in as another happy owner/user of the Bosch 800 series. Like you, we started out wanting a frameless black induction cooktop. But like others, the functionality and reliability (over the GE and Wolfe) and price (over the Miele & Wolfe) of the Bosch won the day.

While I still would prefer the frameless look, others are quite right that you soon don't "see" those strips. They do fade into the background -- at least for us -- instead of being an every day annoyance.

One last comment: it actually is good that the strips are only at the top and bottom, because it is very easy to clear crumbs off the cooktop. With no rim on either side, the little bits sweep right off either to the left or right. Our previous (radiant) cooktop had a lip all around that was a real crumb-catcher.

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Well there's always Whirlpool (whose induction cooktop looks alot like Kitchenaid's - surprise) and Frigidaire (likewise with Electrolux) - both are share their respective parent companies and have all-black 30" induction cooktops. Here's the Frigidaire:

Kenmore has several. Also check out the Fagor IFA-80 BF which has a beveled edge and an interesting burner layout that leaves three unubstructed pots or pans out of four. I know nothing of how well it works or its reliability though.

There seem to be lots of these from the smaller manufacturers, or from large companies that sell mostly overseas.

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Should also note that on the Bosch 800 (but not the 500), the front stainless steel strip is functional - the heat selection levels, on/off switch, and most other controls are on the front stainless strip - just touch to operate. This serves the dual purpose of keeping your hands further away from hot cookware that could burn your hands or fingers, and keeping the black glossy surface of the cooktop free from fingerprints. (since this is where the controls are usually placed).

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I have the Bosch 800 series and love it. I didn't think I'd
like the trim but there are zero cleaning issues. The color
and material is slightly different than the Bosch Oven and I learned that is to ensure that the rim with all the controls can't be scratched. I don't hear buzzing or noise. I have back allignment issues so I bought StoneDine cookware which is lightweight and never hear a buzzing or the sounds others talk about.

I love that I can start a pot of water for pasta at 9 and easily select a level that keeps a simmering boil. I love that it shuts itself off. I love how easy it is to clean and that a scratch came right out with Magic Eraser. I have not yet learned how to use the AutoChef features.

I considered the Miele though the tapping to change temperature seemed a nuisance I didn't want to get used to.

Good Luck! I think you'll like the Bosch and they do offer
discounts when you combine other Bosch products.

Next time around if I can afford it I'll purchase a zoneless induction cooktop and try for 36" rather than 30". Currently that's only offered
by Thermador.


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Hi all,

thank you for all your comments, suggestions and sharing your experiences with induction cooktops. we have ordered our appliances from Bosch this weekend - DW, induction cooktop (the 500 series) and a single wall oven (27"). The current Bosch promotion on induction cooktops and packages tipped the scales for us from the KitchenAid. We also went again to the appliance store that had NIT5065UC cooktop on display and looked at it again. and again. and decided to live with the metal strips.
The non-Bosch items we will get for this kitchen is refrigerator (KitchenAid 70", FD/CD) and a built-in mircowave (black Nutid from Ikea). The microwave should match the oven better than any other we looked at. MW had to have pull-down door, which Bosch does not offer.
Hopefully this all will work out for us.

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Great posts everyone and very informative. We are changing out all our 20+ year old appliances and I am looking forward to going from a Thermador gas range to an induction cooktop. I have finally decided on the Bosch 800 series. I liked the Miele but it won't fit in our 30 1/2" space....Go figure since it listed as a 30" cooktop. I am looking forward though also to the long SS strip on the Bosch 800 series with the fast and easy settings on the strip.

Here is what makes me a little angry though and wishing we could get what Europe has. Bosch makes amazing Flexinduction cooktops that I would love to have in my kitchen. Just put in Bosch Flexinduction into YouTube and you will see. Seimans also makes them now and many other high end makers in Europe. One would think that since they have been out into the Europe market for the last 3 years or more, they would make it to the States by now. I really wanted a long hob but will have to settle for the (old style) set hobs. I would say that when they finally offer the new flexinduction here, I could sell my 800 series Bosch for the new flexinduction but it took me this long to change out appliances so I will probably not do that. It makes me wonder if Thermador has a lock on the US market with their 36" Freedom induction cooktop. I would look seriously into that if it was available in a 30". After though looking at their inner workings, there is still much area that doesn't have coils.

All in all, I have looked into KitchenAid (I don't want clicking sound but the cooktop is lovely), GE (I liked that they offer a bridge hub and price is good but takes up too much under space and have never been impressed with GE) Thermador (nothing impressive over Bosch since there is no 30" Freedom and price is pricy for that), Miele (Won't fit in my space but a lovely machine!!) So I am thrilled to be within weeks away from enjoying cooking all over again by induction instead of Gas!!!

I am putting in a Wolf Steam Convection oven and KA 30" convection oven in a double oven cabinet. I have sweated over the heat of the gas range with oven going at the same time for cooking for almost 1/3 of my life so I am so happy to move the oven area to the opposite side of the kitchen. :>)..

I am so glad to read how many like their Bosch cooktops. It makes my decision a comfortable one. This site is amazing and has been so helpful for my search. Thanks all.

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I am trying to decide between the 36" Kitchen Aid induction cooktop and the 36" Bosch. From what I have read, the Kitchen Aid may have some noise issues. And I gather that the Bosch has a timer feature. Does anyone have any further discussion on this?

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You've already seen my detailed review, but I wanted to mention that my KA has a timer too. I've never used it, probably because I don't think of it.

Since this discussion, a man put up a Youtube of his extremely noisy KA 36" cooktop and someone posted it on GW. His seemed louder than mine, but he was demonstrating the buzzing more than the clicking. If you didn't see this highly informative thread, here it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: KA Induction Video on Youtube

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I have a 30" Bosch 800 and noise/sound isn't an issue though the cookware may make a difference that I noted in a post above.

You might see if Bosch or KitchenAid has a location where you can actually cook and assure yourself about noise.

Also check if the installation could be a factor with any brand.

It's possible that for me, the solid appliance (an oven) below blocks the noise some people discuss about induction.
-some brands said you have to have a large clearance between a appliance below which would mean you need custom height cabinetry to have a regular size oven below or not have a appliance below.

If you plan a drawer below, perhaps find a way to avoid a hollow space (?) with some type of solid fill or check that possibility with the appliance people and contractor.

Hope that helps.

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Holly- Kay

My appliance salesman told me that the noise thing was something to expect with induction. I can tell you all that I am scared because of not finding GW before ordering appliances. I got the whole jenn air suite because i got sick of looking. Then I found GW and gesh ja doesn't get much good said about it. It's too late to change now so in for a penny in for a pound!

My cabinets aren't in and the appliances are in a warehouse until they are needed

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We have the Bosch with the timer. We use it all the time. We have two small kids so sometimes I can't get to the stove quickly enough to turn something off, so I set the timer and know that the stove will turn off when it's done.

We are loving the cooktop, the controls are so intutitive. We had a GE induction range that gave a fatal error and died, so we had to switch it out for cooktop and separate oven. We are glad to GE died as we love the Bosch so much.

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We have decided to order the Bosch 500 series and I am quite excited about it. Thank you to everyone for your input. Now, we are looking for cookware since, surprisingly, a magnet did not attach to our present cookware. I was just out looking in the stores and I was wondering if anyone has an opinion in regard to the anodized cookware.. I believe it is still stainless steel. Do you think the coating will come off when scrubbing the pans?

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The only anodized I've seen is aluminum. Is there anodized stainless, and does the magnet stick?

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Holly - remember that for every bad one there are 95 good ones out there (+/- 10)
Hang in there and enjoy.

There are a couple companies that advertise hard anodized induction capable - LeCr, Circulon, and maybe the ScanPan IQ
What they do is to inlay SS into the base of the pan.

I have one scanpan IQ and it worked great but I looked at the grill pan and didn't like the design.

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Have you found cookware?
I have a stockpot and a sauce pan from Oster. Found it at Tues morning and I liked the shape and the rolled edge. Came with glass lids which are a change from my solid all clad covers. So far, they work well. They have the heavy s/s discs on the bottom.
I also have le creuset and those are nice but sooo heavy and big. Since induction is new to me I'll have to pay attention to whether things scorch on the bottom more.... I notice I have to stir the rice as it seems to stick more than in my all clad but I"m not sure if it's b/c I'm still adapting to the power settings.

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We would like to replace a 30" Electrolux ceramic cooktop (needs $500 repair) with a Bosch 500 model. I'm worried the cutout is slightly larger than the Bosch installation specs, but the overall dimensions would seem to more than cover the opening.

Has anyone else done this?

Thank you for your help!

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I faced a similar situation when I replaced a Kenmore induction cook top (that needed a second major repair even though it was less than 5 years old). I also purchased a Bosch, which I really like. I had a frame made out of stainless by a local fabricator. Its outside dimensions were the same size as the glass of the Bosch. The inside dimensions were those of the recommended hole size. It did not turn out perfectly and a tiny sliver of it is visible on one side but that does not bother me. It may not have been necessary but it made me feel better to have it done.

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Thanks for the response, cyalexa. Our cooktop is on the kitchen island and set into the cabinetry. My DH nailed 2 -1" x 4" on each side of the cabinets. They run vertically from the bottom of the cabinet underneath the cooktop and cut flush with the granite countertop.

Seems to be a simple and very sturdy solution that doesn't intrude on storage space.

I made risotto last night and breakfast burritos this morning on my new Bosch. So far, I love this thing!

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We have a Bosch 5 burner induction cooktop with the middle burner that is suppose to change from small to large depending on the size pan that you are using. I love everything about this cooktop except that middle burner is a lemon and Bosch just makes us run around in circles and will not work with us. We have paid to have it fixed but it still doesn't. The parts we replaced it with had to be ordered 6 times, because the element is made of very brittle plastic and they send it to you in a flimsy envelope. We paid 2500 for this and chose it for the large burner. The small portion of the middle burner works, but the larger part does not. Because of this, I don't have any large burner. I would buy induction again, but I will never buy a Bosch product again.

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How very annoying! Can you lemon law it? Mine works fine I'll keep my fingers crossed it stays that way.

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