Would you pay more? Frigidaire or Kenmore Elite?

sandlllSeptember 30, 2010

What do you think of this double oven range? I was all set to buy the Frigidaire Gas double oven range, but this one is tempting too.

Kenmore Elite


Frigidaire Gallery


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Is the Kenmore a rebadged Frigidaire, or can you find out who makes it? What does it offer you that you'll be excited to have for the extra money?

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You can determine the maker of a Kenmore appliance by the model number. For example, 110. at the beginning of a Kenmore appliance indicates that it is made by Whirlpool.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Identify Your Kenmore Appliance

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From looking at the two product descriptions and specs it seems the size of the large burner on the Kenmore is 18K vs 17K on the Frigidaire. Also the oven control panel is different, not clear if the Kenmore has more features. Some may not like the stainless top as much as the enameled top on the Frigidaire. In the end it may be a styling decision.

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There is a reason the Frigidaire costs less. Quality. However, Kenmore(Sears)is notorius for rebranding an appliance and charging more. You can put glitter all over something from the gutter but what do you get? Glutter.

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I tried to find out if it was a rebranded Frigidaire, but haven't been able to. Exactly, I don't want to pay more for the SAME quality! I do think that the Kenmore Elite sits more flush with the cabinets, that may be a consideration though....

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I liked the Frigidaire rebranded as Kenmore I put in my last kitchen so much that I went straight to a Frigidaire Professional Series in my new kitchen.

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We have the Kenmore Elite that's the next one down from that - warming drawer instead of double oven. Otherwise it's identical. We like it a lot, and it is manufactured by Frigidaire. We were disappointed to miss out on the previvious-generation LP-only Kenmore Elite, but this new one has been fine, even though the burners get down-rated with the LP conversion.



Here is a link that might be useful: Our range

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I was hoping you bought the Frigidaire already so I could find out how you liked it! LOL

I saw those kenmores too, but I think since they're made by Frigidaire, they're probably very similar, and they're quite a bit more.

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I had a lower end Frigidaire gas range in my old house and loved it. Never had a problem. When we started the kitchen remodel in our new house I researched a lot of different brands.

Not sure what your budget is but I wanted to spend less than $1000 on a range. My final three choices were Maytag, Bosch and Frigidaire. Based on price, features, look and reviews, we purchased a Frigidaire Gallery, model FGGF3054KF. I believe this model is very similar to the model you are considering, just minus the second oven. It was installed in July and I've really enjoyed using it. It looks great and runs very well. My only complaint is that cleaning the glossy black top can be difficult. Finger prints and smudges really show. I find that a good non-chemical base glass cleaner works really well.

I've bought various appliances from Sears and will NEVER buy from them again. The products maybe OK but their service is horrible.

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Kenmore cooking appliances are 50% off this week at The Great Indoors. Might be worth looking at to help make up some of the price difference.

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