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reader77August 16, 2011

I've always been TOO PROUD of myself for avoiding computer viruses and other problems all these years. Well, I fell for what could have been a big scam.

Yesterday when I turned on the computer, I saw a firewall message that there was a problem, and to click on a box to block it. When I did so, a bunch of other boxes appeared that said I had the blaster.worm. Here's where I made my mistake, I thought it was a message from Microsoft Security which I am using. It said to click on Download now, which I did. Up comes the form to fill out to pay $59.95 for it. I still thought it was legit, because it had a logo that looked like MS security shield, and name was similar. I filled in the credit card info. And a program to remove worm was supposed to download. Of course, it did not.

I shut down and called a repairman. About 15 minutes later I get a call from my credit card company, questioning the transaction, and said it came from Russia, I told her I had fallen for a scam, and they told me how I can dispute this when I get next statement. She also cancelled my card and will send me a new one.

The computer is now clean. The repair man said this is an old worm that has been started up again along with the program supposed to fix it (not). He said he has seen several lately. Since I have the usual security stuff, I asked how I got this, He said probably from a website I had clicked on last time before I shut down.

I hope all of you are more careful than I was!

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The mistake was to click on the box as recommended, easily done of course in a frustrated moment. Expensive lesson perhaps, hopefully the repairman was kind to you.

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".....form to fill out to pay $59.95 for it. I still thought it was legit, because it had a logo that looked like MS security shield, and name was similar. I filled in the credit card info. "

This is beyond clicking on boxes. Astonished anyone would do this. Pretty much like giving the information to a stranger on the phone because they said they were with the bank. This is beyond "frustrated moment" territory.

Does sound like your CC company was vigilant.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

sounds like you need to do some updates that is how those usually get on when you have not fully updated all the stuff on the pc that needs updating. Go do all your windows updates then run the Secunia scan and do all those that say they need updating. I would also add malwarebytes free on the pc and update it and run full scan with it weekly.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Win) - Detecting and Removing Malware

Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI)

if you do not have spywareblaster on your pc you should add it, it is free just be sure you select the free version, then update it weekly and hit the enable all protection button so the shield turns green thats it.

There are so many of these rogue infections out there. Never ever click on anything that is trying to scare you it is called scareware for a reason. For more info on these check this blog where they keep track of them.

run javaRa to make sure you are rid of any of the old java that can leave you open to infection, you only want the newest version.

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Yes, Asolo, I too am astonished I did this. I really did think I was dealing with Microsoft Security, because of the similar name and logo that misled me. Almost as soon as I finished, I realized my huge mistake.

I now have the Malwarebytes anti-malware, and I already was using Spyware Blaster. The repair guy did all the things as suggested, and added MOT, as I am using Firefox. He said he has fixed 3 of these blaster worms this week.

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Thank you Reader 77 for posting about this. As careful as we all try to be sometimes one slips up on us. Hopefully this warning will help keep us more alert to these scams.


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Unfortunately in the cyber-world and in the real world we are being scanned by predators all the time. It has always been so.

Fun to imagine a world without dishonesty. Imagine not having to lock and secure everything. Fewer police. Jam-free courts. Everything would be better and cheaper, but....alas.

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