Laptop display issues & Driver Restorer downloaded with Micro XML

lynnalexandraAugust 1, 2014

I have a Dell Inspiron N4010
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz
RAM : 4 GB Physical Memory. Windows 7.

I just ran Secunia and it revealed a few programs that needed updating. I updated chrome and firefox, and then went on to click the SEcunia link to update Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML). When I then click to download XML Services, I got some program called Driver Restorer (partnered with Microsoft). Once I ran the file, it scanned the laptop and revealed 22 drivers that needed updating. Of course, then they want a fee. This is the program:

I'm inclined to think I should not download/ purchase a license to have this program update my drivers. (Although if there is such a program that's trustworthy, I would be interested in a safe, comprehensive way to update my drivers).

I always thought I could trust Secunia and it's links to update programs. So I"m not sure how or what this driver restorer is and how it piggy-backed? on XML services. I'm very careful about those check boxes they automatically fill in.

Anybody know what this program is?

I had actually wondered about another problem that just started on this laptop the other day. The screen (not a touch screen) does not always display - or it's too light - or has lines. Like an old tv that's not properly tuning in the channels. In this process, sometimes I can't find the cursor or move it. I ran antivirus, antispyware, ccleaner, updated programs and rebooted. It's better now but not great. At least I can find the cursor. If I touch the screen it sometimes help the screen to display the picture clearly. So is this a failure in the display? and it's just dying and there's nothing I can do? Is it possibly a driver? I had hoped that updated java would fix it, but it didn't.


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From what you've described, my reactions are:

The program you're using (Secunia) is unnecessary. I wouldn't spend another second using it or opening it. Programs update themselves.

Driver Restorer sounds like a come on, I'd delete it and pay no further attention to it.

If a driver needs updating, the periodic update sessions from MS will handle it. If your PC is working adequately with its hardware, the topic of drivers can be ignored.

Java has nothing to do with the display's general performance.

Maybe some part of the screen or what controls it is failing? Is your PC going into some kind of a sleep cycle, does the screen brighten if you touch a key?

Maybe you should take the PC to a repair shop or replace it if it's old?

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PKponder TX

If the screen is too light when it's on battery power you might check the power settings in control panel.

I agree, dump Secunia it's not needed and has proven it's unworthiness to be on your computer by delivering junk to you. If you have a concern that an app needs updating and it has not alerted you to that fact, usually you can check for updates in the Help menu inside the app. Drivers rarely need updating unless a component is malfunctioning in some way and I would get any driver updates directly from Dell.
I also prefer to get my Microsoft updates through Windows Updates in control panel.

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