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dacherieAugust 13, 2014

We are so excited to be in the beginning stages for our future home. I value your opinion about our preliminary plan, so please take a moment and let me know what you like and don't like, as well as any suggested changes. Thanks so much!

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I can't read the dimensions on the plan, but a couple things that strike me. . .

The walk in closets in the bedrooms really aren't deep enough to be true walk ins. So I would just make them reach in closets and add the additional foot of space to the bedrooms.

I think the back door to the bathroom to the lanai is a bit odd. I understand the desire to have bathroom access from the outside, but I foresee locked door nightmares - people forgetting to unlock both doors when exiting the bath.

No coat closet near the front entry. No coat closet near the garage door entrance.

What do the dotted lines represent between the kitchen/dining/great room? How will the spaces be delineated? Or is this just going to be one huge room?

Where do the stairs lead?

I can't read the dimensions, but the office seems small? Maybe it isn't?

I'd try to find a way to carve a powder room somewhere. Maybe near the laundry room. Otherwise the full bath will be servicing 3 bedrooms, the lanai, and will function as the powder room.

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I'm also squinting to see the tiny picture, so if I'm reading wrong, I apologize in advance!

My thoughts:

- I don't mind the bathroom-outside door, but I do think that bathroom shouldn't have a door in the middle. Three doors in any bathroom are too many, especially since this one divides the toilet from the sink. I'd consider taking the linen closet into the bathroom; I personally like to have the towels, etc. right there INSIDE the bathroom with me.

- On the subject of bathrooms, I'm not in the camp of "you should be able to play baseball in the master bath", but I think yours needs some additional square footage. It looks very cramped and uncomfortable. I don't think the pocket door on the toilet closet will work -- I don't think you have enough wall space to hold the door, and I'm sure that wall isn't thick enough to hold a door. The hallway to the bedroom looks uninviting and definitely won't accommodate movement of large furniture.

- The bedroom sizes look good, but I do agree with the above poster that the secondary bedrooms' walk-in closets are really extra-deep reach-ins. I would add windows on the side wall of the master; rooms with windows on two walls always look nicer.

- What's the width on the office? It seems awfully narrow.

- You're showing exterior doors that open OUT instead of IN. Think about where this means your hinges will be located. Yep, right outside the door, in reach of thieves or anyone else who has simple hand tools!

- Garages that stick way out in the front aren't ever the most attractive choice.

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Thanks so much for your responses. Sorry about the size of the picture.

This picture was the inspiration for the larger closets in the secondary bedrooms. Would this work or would it be better to make the closet smaller and utilize a dresser within the bedroom? With the closet the larger size, one bedroom is still 12 x 12 and the other 12 x 14.

Secondary bath: The house designer suggested the outside door to the lanai for use in case a pool was ever added. We live in Florida and although we donâÂÂt plan to have a pool, she suggested for resale and for access to a bathroom when working outside, without having to walk through the house with dirty clothes/shoes. I think about valuable linen space I could gain if the outside door were removed and the tub were turned. What to do??? I do like the separation of the tub/toilet from the sink area. My sister and I had this set up growing up and it was perfect for us. One could be taking a shower and the other still had access to the sink. I think I will incorporate the linen closet within the bathroom.

I other point about the secondary bath I keep questioning is which wall to place the plumbing, as it is shown on the plan or backing up to the family room. I do know that I donâÂÂt want to hear a toilet flushing from the adjacent room. Will insulation/soundproofing prevent this?

Master bath: I agree about with the âÂÂbaseballâ comment, I also didnâÂÂt want a lot of wasted floor space. IâÂÂll have the designer check placement of pocket door and size of the room.

I like that the walls are angled to get furniture into the bedroom area through the closet area, but what about the door from the hallway. It would be horrible to build a house and not be able to get your furniture in.

The dimension of the office is approx. 14 x 7ish, the designer hasnâÂÂt put the final measurements with the inches. 8 feet would probably be better. This was an inspiration picture of how the room could look. My, how sq. ft. keeps growing!

The stairs go to a room above the kitchen/breakfast area, by hubbyâÂÂs man cave/hobby room.

The dotted lines are open space or possible arched areas.

The garage may stick out about 12 feet past the porch. Is this too far?

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Here is the office picture.

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7x14 is large enough for an office, imo. I do think the closets are a waste of space. But, if you like them, you like them.

You can choose to frame for the exterior door in the bathroom, but then enclose it for you. Keep the plans around and known for you or future buyers who might put that pool in. But, if it won't be something you'll use, you don't need to put it in now. I would keep the tub oriented the way it is though, if you plan to sell within the next 10 yrs or so, so it won't require a total bathroom remodel to get that exterior door in place for your future possible pool or a future owners pool.

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kirkhall - excellent idea for the bathroom door

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As much as I also like your closet inspiration - think of the reality. Will these closets be kept as neat as the inspiration photo? Will these closets look as inspiring closed off behind doors? Do you always want your closet open and in view of the room?

As for the office - 7' is a bit on the "thin" size. What makes this inspiration office work is the built ins. Built ins have 2 issues. They are expensive to build. And they limit flexibility in the future.

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