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berkAugust 1, 2013

I have no idea what 2MG means or is. I am looking for a new server and the one I called said I would have 2MG download that good or still slow? I can get 5MG for $10.00 more. Thanks for helping.

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Do you mean to say you're looking for a new SERVICE, as in Internet Service Provider (Cable Internet, Satellite Internet, DSL Internet through the phone line) ? A "server" is something else.

I think you mean 2 "meg" download speed, which is Mbps (megabits per second) or 2 million bits per second. The range for most home users is maybe from about 500k (500,000 or half a meg) to 40 megs or more with a fiber optic connection. 2 megs is an ok capacity that should suit most uses and purposes. Pricing varies by capacity, the larger the number the more expensive.

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PKponder TX

It should be MB unless it's something that is too new to be found in a Google Search.

We get 10MB download with Charter. It's bundled, but I estimate maybe $60 a month for just the internet connection. It's fairly fast, we have 3 computers on the connection and even with hubby's low wireless signal he gets to play online games. I work from home and have no issues with running all of my apps. We rarely 'stream' videos, just an occasional music vid or cute dog thing and notice minimal buffering (delay of the video loading to the browser).

If the MG was a mis-print (and I hate it when service providers don't proofread their ads) the 2 or 5 MB speed will influence what you can do online. What are your needs?

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pk, I think you're tripping over bits and bytes

Bytes (capital B), usually megabytes (MB), is the typical unit of measure for memory - hard or solid-state drives, memory cards, RAM.

bits (small b) is most often used for data flow rates. As in, a gigabit switch, 1 gigabit per second. 100 meg ethernet router = 100Mbps

Internet flow rates, like network rates, are usually stated in mega or kilo bits per second.

8 bits= 1 byte.

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PKponder TX

I see what I typed now, thanks for clearing that up.

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