How important is it to have the same brand of plumbing fixtures?

amberm145_gwAugust 4, 2014

I'm in the process of picking out plumbing fixtures.

I am looking at American Standard, Delta and Moen. Overall cost is important, while sticking with known brand names that we can get replacement parts for in the future.

In some rooms, the best combination of looks and price for the function of the space is Moen. In other rooms, American Standard has the best options. Delta seems to come second for everything.

Having to keep the same brand throughout limits the options, so we either end up spending more than necessary, or just not really liking the look.

If I choose the fixtures room by room, is my plumber going to hate me?

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We chose fixtures room by room and no one said anything ...
Oops except all the shower sets are the same (decision fatigue and Title 24 constraints).

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I don't think it matters at all. I like Toto toilets. I like Kohler bathtubs. Kohler does not make a shower valve with a volume control all in one, so I am using Brizo for that. One bathroom is getting a Geberit in the wall concealed tank for the toilet. One single brand is not going to have everything that you want. You may use a single brand for all your valves or faucets or something, but everything in the whole bathroom? I don't think there is a manufacturer anymore who does it all well all across the board.

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We started with Moen, but when we needed to trim budget, we changed to Delta. The only thing we stood firm on was having a Moen Motion Sense faucet in the kitchen because it's just so cool!

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we chose from the same brand names you're using but ended up using things from all three..

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Fittings should be no problem.

But be aware that colours, including white, vary amongst manufacturers. So keep that in mind, particularly where you might have a wc next to a tub from different companies.

Of course, I once built a home for clients who speced every fixture and fitting to be identical in all their bathrooms. Reminded me of a budget hotel.

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Actually, most of the white stuff is going to be from salvage, except for toilets. Vintage tub, reused sinks, and a couple of shower bases that end up at Habitat still in packaging. I clearly don't care that much about EXACT colours.

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I'm like you. I have purchased a BUNCH of stuff from the Habitat ReStore. They know me by name. I bought my pedestal sink for powder room there, as well as a granit-ish counter with integrated sink for one bath.

I bought all my toilets at Surplus Warehouse -- they had a one-day 20% off EVERYTHING sale that they do once per year. All four bathrooms -- same toilet. I'm not picky about toilets. They do what they do. As long as they don't leak, I'm happy.

My faucets are all different as well. Just keeping the same color family in each room.

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As long as the fixture is available to the plumber from a pumping supply house and meets the standards of your state, you can choose fixtures from as many manufacturers as you like. But be careful if you want the finishes to match.

The one thing I would not recommend buying used or from an overstock outlet is a toilet. The major issues with toilets from any manufacturer is the quality of the casting and where the bad ones go. Can you guess? I suggest putting the toilet base on a flat concrete floor and seeing if it rocks before leaving the store. Also the size and finish of the trapway and the quality of the seal of the flapper in the tank and the reliability of the float/valve are of major importance. Kohler has been the worst for flushing mechanisms for 30 years but I hear they have gotten better but I will still not specify one. Toto toilets are so wonderful it doesn't matter what they look like.

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We used different brands for shower/tub and vanity faucets, and they look fine. My only caution is that oil rubbed bronze can vary, and Moen especially has a "venetian" bronze that is a mid-toned, sparkly brown that I personally dislike, but it also doesn't really match most other brands. Watch out for that and you should be fine.

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ditto....what worthy and renovator said.

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