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nclakehouseSeptember 12, 2012

Sorry to call you out, but your profile does not allow private emails...a question for you:

Did you purchase a Hoshizaki ice maker? If so, are you happy with it? How noisy is it?


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I did! I am happy with it but it is noisy (aren't they all)? I hear it from my bedroom at night if I am awake. I love the ice though and they supposedly don't break as much (important to me because we were paneling it and it is integrated so I didn't want the headache of having to redo it fairly soon).

Our water is CRAZY expensive (my last bill in my old house with small yard was over 400.00). We have had much more affordable bills here because we put in a well for irrigation, but I have still been turning it off and using it as it goes down (a friend took theirs out because it was costing them so much to run in our town). Two benefits - saves water and no the noise. Only con I see is the ice loses its clear color which is fine with us - if guests are coming we turn it back on to get the clear ice again. . .

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Thanks for the feedback. As you may recall (from our email exchange about the Scott antique market), we're in Atlanta and also have high water rates. It's smart of you to turn off your icemaker periodically and use what's in there - I'm just afraid I'd forget to turn it back on before I needed more!

Hmmm....there were some reports that the Hoshikazi was noisy so I'm going to see if I can find a local distributor for the Manitowoc, which is supposed to be "board room quiet." That is, unless some one else chimes in here and recommends another brand. It just needs to be reliable, quiet and make big cubes. Clear or cloudy, I don't care.


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My parents are in Vinings and their rates are 1/4 what mine are . . . it is nuts up here;). It is not hard to remember to turn it back on - we use so much ice that when it gets fairly low I turn it on and it fills back up very quickly.

If you are looking for quiet - this is probably not the one:). VERY glad I put it in the kitchen which is loud anyway (3 active boys and a large dog) and not in the wet bar off the den. . .

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