Microwave with removable carousel

ejnutmegSeptember 7, 2013

Hi. We need to purchase a countertop microwave oven, but we have one requirement that seems hard to meet.

My wife has serious nerve damage, and she has trouble being around anything that makes noise. One thing that she can't stand is the noise that the big glass trays -- carousels, I guess they're called -- make when they're spinning around while the microwave is on. With our current one (by Sharp), I had to yank the carousel off the spindle/gear (breaking the spindle in the process) before she was able to use it. The Sharp has been good overall, but I'd really like to not have to do that again.

I've found exactly one microwave oven that allows you to simply remove the tray from the spindle. It's a Kenmore, but the local outlet can't seem to order one for us (they claim to be at the mercy of what HQ sends), and the online reviews of it are fairly indifferent.

We need to stay with a countertop microwave. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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Most of the noise from the MW comes from the magnetron and it's cooling fan. I've never had a turntable that made any significant noise. If you did, perhaps you had a defective one. I suggest you visit an appliance retailer with a coffee cup and some water and listen for yourself before automatically ruling them out.

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Our GE Spacemaker had a carousel that was easily removed.

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I've never had one that wasn't easy to lift out for cleaning, metal or glass. Any noise was from the little wheels that the plate rotated upon. They get dirty and squeek.

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A microwave drawer has no turntable and neither do the speed ovens from miele.

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Our GE Spacemaker II has not only a removable turntable, but also has an on/off button for the turntable as well.

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I also own the GE Spacemaker II. The on/off button for the turntable is exactly what you guys need.

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For a long time the countertop GE Spacemaker II microwaves didn't even have a rotating turntable (I had one, and it cooked as evenly as MWs with turntables). I think it was the last holdout not to include one, except drawers/speed ovens/specialty units. You could probably find a used one cheap on CL.

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