Electrolux ICON Designer 36" Rangetop???

KitNoviceSeptember 28, 2012

I've searched old posts for opinions about the Electrolux 36" Gas Rangetop, but I can only find a few old threads. Does anyone have any recent experiences? I'm seriously considering the rangetop, but I can't find many reviews here or elsewhere on the internet.

I'm most interested in how well it simmers, how easy it is to clean and how repair prone it is. I've heard of issues with the front burner on the regular ranges, but I'm wondering if the rangetops have had similar problems.

Thanks in advance!

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I have an Electrolux 36" Gas Icon cooktop in my island. I have had it for 3 years with no operational problems.

It cooks hot and does not simmer well, but I've gotten used to it and know how to work around it. I've read about a simmer plate that you can purchase to go over the grate to let you simmer.

It is easy to clean- I've had major spills and burnt-on gunk that comes off with just a little elbow grease.

My only big problem is cosmetic. The wording on my knobs has rubbed off! The hi, low, and the numbers in between. I'm sure I can call for new ones since I got the 5 year warranty, but just haven't gotten around to it. And worse case, if I have to buy new knobs, no biggie.

Overall, I've been pleased with it. We got a great deal on a floor model, so I feel like I have already gotten my money's worth. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Angel411 :) It does help. Do you have the drop in cooktop (5 burner) or the slide in (6 burner)? Also does yours have automatic re-ignition? I think the Designer line I'm looking at doesn't, but the Pro line does. Any thoughts on whether it's worth the extra $700?

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I have the drop in with the auto re-ignition. It gets an annoying popping going when I have the flame low and I walk by or create the slightest breeze, but I'm glad it's there. I've never had one without, so I don't know if it's worth the $700. Does the flame just blow out a lot without this feature?

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I'm not sure myself. I have an electric range right now, so gas is entirely new to me. I'm concerned with whether the gas remains on when the flame blows out or if there is a safety shutoff for the gas valve. I can't seem to find information on it in the Electrolux literature. I'm hoping someone here knows the answer :)

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