Cdr-dvd drive problem

jemellinAugust 22, 2013

I burned some cds using Roxio I now cannot read them in this drive. I can read them on another computer I have. I can read music cds on the drive. The drive shows in my computer but cannot open it. I do hear spinning when It first starts the cd then nothing. I am not closing the cd as I want to add things later.
Help please and thanks

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I'd try reburning the CD that isn't working, and I'd use a program other than Roxio. (Roxio stuff isn't very good.) Windows can burn CDs though with a bit less convenience.

Alternatively, if these are the same old-ish (XP) PCs you were talking about in the other post, it may be the drive is dying and you should restrict CD usage to the drive in the other PC.

Third alternative, CDs are cheap. If this dying one can read "Closed" CDs but not still open ones, act accordingly.

Fourth alternative, if you network the two PC's, you can read files saved on one from the other.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled and is now working ok!!

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