help with new computer please

LybanAugust 17, 2013

I have had Microsoft windows xp pro for years.
along with outlook express.

I just had to get a new desktop computer and I now have so many things that I am having problems understanding.

I am not very computer literate so please bear with me.
I now have three browsers installed.
IE, Moz Fox, and chrome.
I also have Microsoft office with outlook 2013 for mail.
I use Moz. for banking needs only.
I use IE or chrome for web but am very use to IE and trying to get use to chrome.

I really do not know why except I like to be aware of the new stuff even though it drives me crazy.

I am slowly, into 2nd week now getting use to the office 2013 but really do not need all the stuff incl. because I have no business needs just home computer.

Now My pictures that I had before on window XP, I loved the way it was formatted with all my photos on right and a menu on left to do whatever I wanted.'
Delete- Move- email etc etc.
Now with the new computer I seem to have windows media player and I am forever looking for my photos. If I download some new ones from my camera they are on my computer because if I hit the right button I see them but they are not in my pictures with all my other photos. all the ones I have put in are somewhere else.
I am not really sure where because I only find them by accident.

Is there anyway that I can have my old way back even with the new 2013.

I am sure most of you have by now given up on me and are scratching their heads wondering what I am talking about.
\but if any of youy have stuck with me, can you give me any advice.

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What OS are you using, W7 or W8?

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I am using W7

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That is what I am using and my photos have never been displayed with the options you mentioned. It may be set that way by the software you use for photos. I put all of my photos in a folder in documents and have them listed as large icons.

I never activate WMP, I do not like it. I use itunes.

If you type in word and don't like all the junk above, I can help with that. I like W 7, I didn't like the software office and word until I learned how to make it simpler and turn off the auto correction as you type.

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Seems to me that by using 3 browsers you are creating problems for yourself. Each can do anything you need so why not settle on one and use it exclusively?

Photos should show in MY Pictures the same way as they did in XP. Right click on the Start button then click to open Windows Explorer in the pop up, you should see the same XP type screen with folders down the left side and the contents of the highlighted folder listed on the right side.

Double clicking on a photo should bring the photo up full size in Windows Picture Viewer where you can click arrows to move left or right or click the centre button to have the photos in a slideshow.

As regards Microsoft Office do you have the stripped down free version or the real McCoy on a 60 day trial? If a 60 day trial version and you do not want it you can use Wordpad for word processing. You can reach that by Clicking Start, click All programs, click Accessories click Wordpad. Not sure what format Wordpad uses but be sure you set it to .rtf (Rich Text format) so that anyone else can read it on any computer. Or you can download the free Open Office for the full suite or if just a word processor there is Abiword also for free.

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I am not having any problems with word but thanks for the offer to help.


You are so right I am confusing myself with these 3 browsers, can you recommend one for me to choose and learn.

I have taken another look at my pictures and I did find my photos from my camera there, they just saved them under date rather than the way I was used to.

I looked more carefully at the screen and what you described and it is not so confusing now.
I guess so many years of one way of doing things had me antsy and now I am feeling better.

I do have the real mccoy of Microsoft Office .
I will keep practising on these new screens.

Thanks again to you both.

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It makes no difference which browser you use, same soup different gravy really. nothing more.

Personally I use Firefox for no other reason than it is the underdog to the might Microsoft, helps to preserve healthy competition. I also have Opera and use that when I get too many tabs open at once, again just a personal quirk.

Not impressed with Chrome but I forget why :~)

Sorting photos can become a nightmare, dated folders are good as long as you can remember where you were 5 years ago. I have trouble with last week. Naming folders can be equally hard. I had 21,000 photos once and the wise guy decided to sort them out, ha ha. Three years on and I have only a vague idea where many of them are but I am down to a mere 9,000 now. Progress of sorts.

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I sort my photos by family with folders inside of family members and their families. Also by travel with destination folders inside, Botswana, Kenya, Peru, dolls, homes new and old and Cushman motor scooters, etc. I can always go right to what I want. I would be completely lost using dates. I don't even know todays date and am lucky to remember what day of the week it is. LOL

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" I use Firefox for no other reason than it is the underdog to the might Microsoft, helps to preserve healthy competition"

I hear what you're saying but I'm not sure there's true competition anyway since browsers are free. What would you say they're competing for?

No matter what happens with other alternatives, Microsoft will continue to evolve IE and will require it to interface with its own software and systems. That's the only way they can be sure tasks work as intended. Other browsers will go through periods of website incompatibility from time to time. There was a time that IE was a dog and a resource hog, it seems to have gotten much better in the last 5 years or so.

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Lyban, I use the FREE program called Picasa, see the link's great and one of the features when you first use it is that it will scan your computer for All pictures. Like I said it's free and I have been using it for about 3 years now. if you don't like it you can always dump it .. good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Picasa

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Thank you big al,
I will take a look at Picasso, and see if I like it.

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