Kitchen Aid vs. Wolf rangetop

misswriterSeptember 27, 2012

We are in the final stages of choosing our appliances for our new home and have narrowed our stove choices down to the Wolf 36" gas rangetop or the Kitchen Aid 36" pro-style gas rangetop. The Wolf is $1,700 more than the Kitchen Aid. So my question: is the Wolf worth the extra money? What do you think the benefits are (besides the name which I don't care about)?

I would also love to hear from any Kitxhen Aid range top owners. I've had trouble finding any reviews.


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Are you talking about the current Wolf model with the sealed burners or the one with semi sealed burners that has been discontinued (but may still be available)?

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Current w sealed

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I have the Wolf sealed burners and love them but I have't cooked with the KA cannot compare them directly. Here are some things I would find out about.
Just looking at the configuration, the KA has the assorted burners while the Wolf has them all the same except one simmer/melt burner. This is a matter of preference. I am curious if the Ka "dual flame " burner is like a dual stacked burner. I can't find a picture of it. A big strength of Wolf is the dual stacked burners. They are two burners in one, the regular bcurner on top and the simmer below and the same diameter as the top one. This makes for a great simmer on all the burners. The KA has higher Btus though which maybe helpful if you stir fry a lot. We stirfry for two on ours with no problems. The simmer on those is quite a bit higher but you would have the one 5k btu burner. If simmer were important, I would ask for the btu range on all the burners. Wolf lists this info on their website. I use the low end of heat daily so it is important to me.
I would also look at how the control of the burner is. You almost need to try them live. The wolf has great control and range. Wolf often has a place with their appliances live and has demos.
Service can be a difference. KA is owned by Whirlpool. We have a Ka 48 inch frig and while it works great and I like the layout the fitt and finish isn't so great. The gaskets on the doors are two different depths soone door sticks out a little. The tried to fix it but they can't because the gaskets are different. Kind of sad for such an expensive appliance I would pull the knobs off and look at them and the fit and finish in general.

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Thank you for your input! The lowest the KA goes is 1,300 BTUs. That doesn't mean a lot to me at this point--maybe you can help me figure out what kinds of things I would need a lower simmer for. What would 1,300 not be low enough for? Would it be adequate for simmering rice? Melting chocolate?

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1300 btus isn't very low. i find the simmer setting being very low (but not clicking) is more important in my cooking than a super high BTU. When you are making soup or melting chocolate or just keeping food warm on the stove, its great to have. Mine goes down to 140 degrees on all 5 (cooktop) burners.

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I know the KA has an aluminum chrome-infused griddle (image how the kids will like that with their pancakes - Yum!) which you can only use plastic utensils and "very" gentle cleaning methods. The Wolf griddle is commercial style griddle. Can be used with metal spatula and is designed for 20 years of use.

Good luck

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"The lowest the KA goes is 1,300 BTUs."

I am betting the one 5K(simmer/melt) burner goes lower. They only list the low rating on the power burner. The difference is it only goes that low on one burner. I use the low heat for anything that requires a double boiler, anything that might burn easily and use them all at the same time if I am having a big family dinner to hold food with no scorching. BUT there are always work arounds-use a double boiler, a copper simmer plate, or simmer your soup in the oven.

"Mine goes down to 140 degrees on all 5 (cooktop) burners."

You can't really compare 140 degrees with the number of btus. The 140 degrees is a number made up by the manufacturer. Each burner has a rating with a high and low number of btus. You have to know this number to make somewhat of a comparison. You could take 325K btu burner and put a cast iron skillet with melted sugar on it and get one temperature or a copper stock pot with water in it and get something totally different. There are too many variables to give a temperature.

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This from KA customer service-

Model number KGCU467VSS center rear burner 5K low end is 500 BTUs and the 15K low end is 1850 BTUs.

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Misswriter, what did you end up getting and do you like it? I'm weighing the same choice. I'm leaning toward the KA, but worried about high btu and electric ignition. Thanks.

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