Sound from computer?

gmom74August 27, 2013

Compac Presario- bought 2004

Modem- Motorola MSTATEA
Router- Linksys G Broadband, WRT5462v1

Both router and modem are several years old- don't remember when we bought them

There is a one note musical sound that seems to come from my computer once in a while. I say 'seems to come' because it seems to also come from the direction of the modem and router. Could a sound also come those if they need repair or replacement? My computer is very slow- a message says it needs more memory. I asked at an office supply place if I could add a memory card myself and was told I could but I might have to remove the present one and replace it with a different kind. I don't want to lose this computer and just wonder if the tone I hear is a warning of some kind. The volume is muted so I know it is not that. Thanks for your help.

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According to the specs I found you have a well thought of computer in the day. But it only seems to have either 256 or 512 megs of memory (RAM) which is not much by today's standard.

The model number would help so the type of memory can be established.
Is it a desktop or laptop?

Click Start
click Control panel
click System
Now you should see the computer and how much memory is installed.

Click Start
click Computer
now on the right side of the screen RIGHT click on the C drive then click Properties it the pop up, this will show how big and how much free space is on the hard drive. You should have a minimum of 20% free space to work efficiently.

Have you ran any disk clean up program recently?
Have you ran a defrag recently?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I had one of those mysterious "sounds" coming from my computer, modem/router, UPS, something in that general direction, but I couldn't pin it down.

It was too low in volume, too high in pitch, and much too brief to walk around and investigate.

Finally, one day, I don't remember how, I figured out it wasn't any of my computer equipment, and wasn't even coming from that direction. It was my phone trying to tell me that its battery was getting low.

I'm not saying that's happening to you, it just reminded me of my experience so thought I'd share... just in case. :)

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Owbist, the computer is a Win XP, Home Edition desk top. Version 2002 SP3
Athlon(tm) 3200
2.20 Ghz
512 RAM
297 GB
266 GB free space

It has been a while since I both defragged and ran SuperAntiSpyware. I will try that.

Chuggerguy- my cell phone is plugged in but doesn't seem to be low on power. However, I decided to move the phone out of the room for a while to see it has anything to do with the sound.
My husband's computer is in the same area and I unplugged it just in case it was his.
There used to be a site to go to to hear computer sounds and you could determine maybe what was happening. Do you think it is still available? I'll look.

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Mom, hopefully there is a model number or name besides Presario I suspect somewhere on the case. On the front plastic or on a metal plate on the rear? The importance is to see which memory is installed and how many slots are in the computer.

Before you do the defrag you would be wise to do a disc clean up. Ccleaner does an excellent job, if you would like to try it go here but be sure you click to download the free version. Install and run at the default settings, change nothing. That will get rid of all sorts of things with no harm to any of your data or programs. Then run the defrag.

I too had a strange noise long ago. Took me ages as the sounds were so far apart. turns out it was an old Mac I had been given and there was a single ding going off every hour. Frustrating for a while so I understand your feelings.

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Your hard drive is 90% empty - defrag and cleanup won't accomplish anything, I wouldn't waste any effort in that direction. Unless you've got 250 gigs sitting in the recycle bin.

The machine is a dinosaur, learn to ignore the tone or replace the machine. It's a setting of some kind, like a creak in a car. You'll lose your mind before you find it.

Unless, if you want, go to control panel, sounds, and turn off all sounds for all events. Your choice, i wouldn't bother.

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Well, actually it looks like chuggerguy is correct. I would never have thought the sound would be coming from my cell phone. Two grandkids, 8 and 9, were here for a few days. I let them play games on my computer. I have an idea they have played around with my cell phone, too, which was plugged in on my husband's desk nearby. It is an I-phone 4- about 2 years old. I hope the sound doesn't mean something is going wrong with it.
Owbist, the number on the front of the computer is SR1230NX.
Belarc shows many numbers, the most likely, I think is CNH4360SQ1. My eyes are not good enough to see the label on the back.
Belarc shows 512 usable memory- Slot A0 is empty. Slot A1 has 512 MB.
Snidely, I have a Win 7 but I really like this XP. It might be easier to just give up the XP but I would still like to do something about the slowness.

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OK now we are cooking. your computer has 512 megs of ram in one slot as Belarc says. This is good news because it can stay and you can buy one more stick of 512 if you wish. That motherboard will not accept more than 1 gig of ram.

According to Compaq you have PC2700 DDR which can be had for $11 to $40 according to Tigerdirect.

Or you can visit Crucial and have them scan your computer and offer memory. Crucial make good memory, not that other don't of course.

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Thanks owbist. There is a computer store not too far away from here. I can get a stick of memory there and hopefully install it myself. At the same time I can clean the dust and cat hair out of the case. Thanks to all for help and suggestions.

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Installing memory is easy enough.Be sure to remove the power cord from the rear first. Press the 2 tabs at the end of the memory slot outwards. Then as you press the memory into the slot the tabs will click into place, listen for the very light click. Do not manually snap the tabs because you would not be sure the memory is seated correctly. Rest your bare arm or wrist on the metal casing to ground yourself.

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