A CF meeting over the long weekend.

annie1992September 5, 2012

Elery and I spent a couple of days replacing his basement windows, cleaning closets, etc. Mid-week I got a call from lpinkmountain, she was in Michigan! Did I want to meet her and her significant other?

What a question, of course I did. We agreed to meet on my way back home, as I was going north and she was going back to Pennsylvania, but there was a glitch. It was nearly 90F and I had Cooper with me, I couldn't leave him in the car while we met at a restaurant.

Now, L and I go "way back", we've picked blueberries and made jam at my house and had a picnic on the lakeshore by her parents' place. Once we met for breakfast in a restaurant, but I think that's the only time.

So we found a park and made arrangements to meet. L brought hummus and pita bread and broccoli salad and some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, grapes, a watermelon, some rugelach. I brought crackers and cheese curds and turkey for sandwiches. Diet Coke, of course, my drink of choice. (grin) Oh, and a nice bottle of chocolate raspberry balsamic from a winery close to Elery's house.

We had a lovely time, sitting and eating and talking and looking at the pictures of the Upper Peninsula on L's computer. Cooper was a good boy and laid under the table, waiting for anyone to sneak him turkey and cheese. Elery and L's SO got along famously, talking about construction and electrician work and pretty much everything else while L and I "caught up".

A couple of hours went by and it was time to get on the road. I didn't even bring my camera, so no pictures, but it was sure nice to see L again, and to meet the elusive BF. We definitely need to do that again, and soon!


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Well, heck, I meant to put this on discussions! After all, we did eat....


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I am happy that Cooper got to join in the get together--would that be a first? i.e. Pet attending CF get together?

Annie, didn't Laurie join us at Sheshebop's house when we had the bonfire in the back yard?

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Yes, Cathy, she did. Another get together where we didn't go to a restaurant, LOL.

Although pets may have been at the homes where we had get togethers, pets don't go along very often. Cooper isn't the first, though, remember, Dexter came to the Michigan Run at my house!


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Sounds like fun....and not fair at all to forget your camera!!

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LindaC, I didn't forget it, I didn't know we were getting together, it was very spur of the moment planning. I was at Elery's, helping him work on the house. We'd just returned from the hospital in Ohio and hadn't been back to my house. So.....my camera was in Northern Michigan and we were in Southern Michigan!


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Okay, I think you need a cellphone with a camera!

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Dexter is a dog??? I thought he was Roger's youngest son...LOL.

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Sorry Cathy, you're right. (grin) At least Dexter thinks he is!

John, I gave up the cellphone and I never did know how to take a picture with it anyway. I had somewhere over 4,000 unused minutes, between Elery and I. I never remember to charge the phone, plus I drive a Jeep with a manual transmission. There is no driving, shifting, talking on the phone, I'm just not that good. So I always had to call the person back anyway, and if I'm home, they can call me on my homephone, which I have to keep or I'll give up my DSL internet connection. Plus, no cell phone works at the farm, the only place in the township where I can get a connection is in the middle of the Townhall parking lot. We're very rural, LOL.

We went to Trac phones. Get a call, send a call, that's all. I've had it since July. I haven't used it a single time.

Keeping the camera in the Jeep won't work either. We were driving the truck because we were hauling furniture.

You know, I'll bet Laurie has a cell phone that takes pictures. I never thought of that.


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Sorry, I'm just not much of a picture taker!! Did not even think of it! It was so nice to FINALLY meet Elery and Cooper too! Actually, I've always preferred picnics and home cooked meals to restaurants. Unless it's something really unusual, I can make up a meal of whatever for cheaper and better than a restaurant. The only part I like about restaurants is no cleanup, and I like that A LOT!

Here's a photo of me and BF. We both like to keep our virutal lives fairly low key and private, particularly me, which I why I don't post often photos of myself or BF. I like this photo, although BF is not smiling. I teased him about it and he said, "I AM smiling!" Also he hadn't bathed and shaved for a day and a half, which for him was NOT a fun experience. I hadn't bathed in a day either but I'm not so fastidious, lol! We went swimming in Lake MI later that day to "freshen up!" The couple who took our picture was from Wisconsin and they were on their way to New Buffalo to celebrate their son's 50th birthday. They had kids in LA and Chicago! They were so nice!!

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Thanks for the description of your meeting - I felt like I could picture it in my mind without photos, and I'm with Annie on the cell phones and cell phone pictures. I downgraded my phone to $10 prepaid for three months, just so I have it for the very few times I might need it, which is practically never. I get text messages from the drug store when my prescriptions are ready, and those message cost about five cents each, which is fine.

I can fully understand Ellery and L's BF getting along famously, having met Ellery. He is definitely one of the easiest persons to talk and get along with that I have ever met, and even Kevin and he got along extremely well, and Kevin is a bit on the shy side.

Lovely picture of the you and the lake - I've only seen Lake Michigan from the air so far.


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Lars, I have 137 minutes and 129 service days left. At the end of those 129 days, I'll probably STILL have 137 minutes left! I remember actually using the other one twice in the two years we had the contract. One of those times I actually got a call connected so I guess it worked 50% of the time...

Elery said he very much enjoyed talking to Kevin and that you were very intelligent and interesting, so the compliment is returned. He also liked Scott a lot, and he reminded me that I miss Scott, he hasn't been here for quite a long time.

I hope that one day you can see Lake Michigan personally, I think there are several people here in Michigan that would love to give you a guided tour. The colors are just starting to "turn" now, I think with your eye for beauty you'd enjoy it very much.

Laurie, that's a good picture of you both. And, like you, I much prefer the picnics in the park. We can sit and talk for two hours and not feel like we are rushed to leave or that we are taking up restaurant space, it's much more relaxed.


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I am so glad you all were able to hook up! And yes, a picnic in the park is much preferred over a table at a restaurant. Although for a CF meeting I would be happy with either.

Lpink...that is a beautiful picture, so glad you posted it!

LOL, Annie....I have a picture of Dexter barking at a gargoyle on your porch! He's so darn cute! We need to do another "group" get-together....


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Yes, Linda, we do. I had forgotten that Dexter didn't much care for Leroy (the gargoyle).

Dexter can come back now, I'm taking Leroy to live in Ashley's garden, she's the one that brought him home from a yard sale in the first place!


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It sounds like a perfect get together! I'm glad you had the opportunity to share a picnic, and for the two men to meet. What fun!


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So plan a get-together! Fall is a great time for it!

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Sounds like a great time! :-)

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