Help me decide on a Mile dishwasher

sarahendipitySeptember 4, 2012

So I've been trying to decide on a Miele dishwasher. The Classic with visible controls is $300 off right now, bringing it to $1299. The dimension is $2199. Is the flexiblity of the racks really worth it? I've been to a showroom to see them, I like how much you can do with the dimension, but not having had a dishwasher with this kind of flexiblility I'm unsure how much use it would get.

I'm really focused on quiet, rather than the roar we have now with the cheap GE that came with the house. Will I notice a huge difference between the Classic and Dimension? We do run the dishwasher at night because I can't bear to listen to it during the day, but I can still hear it. Will a Classic be good enough?

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Do you have hard water or soft water?

Hard water is 4+ grains per gallon.

If you are one of 15% of people that have soft water in the US or have a whole house water softer I would strongly consider the Classic.

If you have hard water I would eliminate the Classic and look at the Crystal and Dimension Plus with onboard water softner.

I have the La Perla II which is Q5 and I can barely hear it with my head next to the dishwasher.

First thing first though,do you have hard or soft water?

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I'm honestly not sure how hard/soft our water is, I've never had any problems with build-up, or even considered that I needed a softener. I live in a mountain town, our water is from snowmelt and glacier run-off so I would consider it minerally but not hard. Shampoo foams freely. I've tried to find the info on our town's website, but it doesn't seem to be there, and it's too late to call.

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I have the dimension plus and we love it. It's super quiet. We tested our water and discovered it was moderately hard so we are using the salt dispenser. Even my teenage son noticed how clean it gets everything. One of the features that was important to us was the adjustable cutlery tray as it's great to have a place to put larger items such as serving spoons, spatulas, etc. We originally weren't sure we'd need all the other adjustable features but find we use them nearly every load as it makes it so much easier to make things fit. Also, the dimension plus is much quieter than the classic. Are you sure about your prices? We paid $1779 for the dimension plus.

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Yes, I'm sure about the price, I'm in Canada and that's right from the Miele website. We don't seem to get the dimension plus here, the next model up is the Topaz, and it's quite a bit more.
Good to know that the adjust table racks do get used, I've always had crappy dishwashers that I had to adjust to so I'm having a hard time visualizing how adjustable racks would work for me.
I don't wash (or even have) crystal/china so that doesn't matter, and one of my neighbors does appliance service so that is not a concern.

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I've tried to find the info on our town's website, but it doesn't seem to be there, and it's too late to call.

Do you have to decide by tonight?

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sarahendipity, sorry, I didn't realize your location or know that Canada has different models than U.S. I'm sure whichever you decide will be a huge improvement over your current dw. As far as visualizing adjustable racks, think of anything you had difficulty placing in your old non-adjustable racks and in-vision being able to fold tines out of the way to make it easier. Hope that helps.

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