New Oven - How long does the smell last?

jackiemcgSeptember 26, 2008

My Electrolux double wall ovens were installed about 8 weeks ago and I am finally getting around to using them. I turned it on today and it gives off quite a smell. I am hosting a party next weekend and I would really like to get rid of that smell. Any idea how long that smell will last or any tips on how to make the smell go away quickly? Thanks

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Does your owners manual say anything about a break-in procedure? Our Wolf's did, and what seemed to be a light oil burned off as a result, mostly in the upper oven. After that it was clear sailing.

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I know the smell you're talking about, both the ovens in our 30" Electrolux WaveTouch range gave off an odor the first 10 uses. Called the appliance store, and they said to run it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes a few times to burn off anything left during the manufacturing process. It seemed to diminish the smell for us, though there's a little bit of odor still.

Strangely, Electrolux's sub-brand Frigidaire recommends a similar break-in procedure, but I didn't see anything in our Electrolux manual about it. Best of luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire FAQ

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frunty - Thanks. I did check the owner's manual and didn't see anything. I ran it last night for about an hour at 500 degrees and again this morning for a half hour at 350 degrees. It does seem like it smells less - hopefully it is not because I am just getting used to the smell LOL. I will run it several more times at 400. Thanks for the info.

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I generally recommend running a new oven through a self clean after the unit has been installed. The self clean will take the oven temp up to 800+ degrees. This will burn off any manufacturing residues and also help set the insulation.
Just make sure you remove the racks before starting the self clean as per the manufacturers instructions.

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Miele ovens were high temp for 2 hrs I think. I used 500 deg for 2 hrs both at the same time.

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