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casiAugust 27, 2011

I guess this is the first time that I tried to get an e-book from Amazon, thought I'd done it before. I have a Pandigital; when I order the e-book, a free one, it asks for my Kindle number. What's the deal? Is there a way around it or what am I doing wrong. Thanks!

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Amazon books are for Kindle readers. For books for Pandigital, go to Barnes and Noble. If you have Kindle for PC, you can download books from Amazon. But you must have some form of Kindle to get e-books from Amazon.

Barnes and Noble has lots of free books, too. The ones for their Nook reader are the ones that work on Pandigital.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes Casi the pandigital takes the epub format it can not read the kindle format unless of course you have installed the kindle android app onto the pandigital.

anytime you get any book from amazon you have to use your amazon account so you have to be logged into your amazon account that is what it is asking for , even though the book is free it will go through the transaction just like you are buying it but the price will be zero, they will also email you to your associated email and provide the "bill" copy.

You can use a program like calibre to change the format from kindle to epub and use it that way. Many times barnes and noble have the same free books as amazon but they are already in epub format.

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Yes, I use B & N for most of my books, but I did find a free one on Amazon that I wanted. How hard would that "calibre" thing for me to do? I have an Amazon acct., but it asked me for my Kindle number.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

calibre User Manual

Get calibre

as to kindle number I don't know I have downloaded many books from amazon for my kindle for pc and it never asked for any kindle number, it did ask to which one I wanted to send it to since I have 3 computers with kindle for pc on them. You do have to have the kindle app on something so it can send it to that, either on your pc or pandigital or something it sends it to the actual unit where the app is.

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If you have Kindled for PC Amazon knows it and does not ask for a number (cookie?). It's free so go ahead and download it then you can get the book.

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I don't have the kindle for PC app, so since I was wanting to purchase a book it expected that I had a regular Kindle, is what I'm suspecting. Enough of that, as I have my laptop here with me in Calif (visiting), I think that is what I'll the kindle app and put it on my laptop. Don't know why I didn't think of that. A little off topic, Raven, but last night I had a scare....plugged my Pandigital in, as it was getting low, I guess I must have turned it off, then changed my mind and turned it back on and all my books and photos were gone!! I turned it off, turned it back on and they were back. I'm away from home, but a definite reminder that I need to back up my e-books when I get home.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes I have all of mine on my SD card so if anything happens to the pandigital all my books are safe, I move the SD card between my various e-readers.

Usually pushing that reset button with a paper clip will do the trick if that happens again.

Yes put the app on your laptop then save the book to there and then you can have access to it to use calibre should you want to change the format to epub

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Thanks Raven! I did bring my paper clip with me, in case I had trouble on the plane! I loaded a ton of pictures before coming out here and I actually had to do the reset after that. Don't know how much it can hold!

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