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caliroseAugust 29, 2013

I am using Win Live Mail (Win 7) I recently signed out of Live. I still received mail from my server but when I tried to send an email, I discovered my contacts were no longer available. I had to sign in to Live Mail to get them. I don't like the fact that my contacts are not available except when I am signed in. I also recently discontinued the alert from the calendar which I didn't know was kept online as well.

I suppose this is another "social media friendly service" that I don't want. I have bellsouth and a Hotmail addy; with att as my server.

What options are available for email where I can keep the contact list on my computer? Thanks!

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I have W 7 and WLM and I direct my server's email through WLM and I don't have any idea why yours does that, mine doesn't. I don't have an account with live, I don't like to join everything, especially social medias. You might try opening your email and the contacts listed there and try to add a contact and see if the same thing happens to it.

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OK, I signed out of Live and entered an addy to my contact list. It was not included in the list that is in Live. so basically I need to copy the contacts to WLM when signed out to have them available. Then I can remain signed out.
Thank you!!

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You are welcome. Glad it was that simple.

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