Cracked grout around tub surround

bsteeves86November 22, 2012

The grout that meets the top of my tub has cracked. After some research there appears there are two schools of thought: 1) grout 2) caulk

Grout obviously has a tendency to break and crack due to the shifting from the tub due to the weight changes, but also allows the water to exit behind the tiles. Caulk stays in place due to its flexability but traps mold, mildew, moisture, etc behind the wall.

With that said I am not sure what to do. Re-grout only to have it break again? Or caulk and have mildew growth. Also the corners of my tile shower surround have cracks in the grout.

Lost as to what to do! Thanks in advance

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I have never heard that caulk traps moisture.

I have always heard that it should be caulk between the tub and the tile (and the corners).

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Silicone colour-matched grout. Accept no substitute.

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As StoneTech says.

Also, consider weep holes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Time and place for weeping

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Should I remove the existing grout or caulk over it?

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Remove it.

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stone tech - I have a newly installed shower, and the worker accidentally grouted the corners instead of caulked. (Contractor had said he would be caulking the corners.) If there's never been water on the surface, would it work to caulk OVER the grout? Or do I need to insist on full removal, then caulking?

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What's the best way to remove it without damaging the existing tile? The bottom where tile meets the tub surround should be easy considering most of it is cracked. The corners will be very difficult. Is it possible to caulk over grout in the corners?

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