Electrolux oven gliding racks and self-cleaning question

cinamomSeptember 4, 2008

Hi, I asked this question on the Kitchen forum and was advised that I might get better response over here.

I am considering an Electrolux wall oven for our kitchen remodel. In one of the models (EW30EW55GB) the glide and rack are integrated and easily removed. In the other, (E30EW75GPS) the rack simply sits on top of the glide which is attached to the oven wall. The rack can be removed, but not the glide.

Does anyone here has experience with how well the glides work after going through a self-cleaning cycle? I'm concerned that whatever lubricant is used for the bearings would not survive. Has this been a problem for anyone?

Thank you for your help!

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I have the E30EW85ESS1 double ovens. The racks sit on top of the glides but the glides detach from the oven walls and, in fact, must be removed prior to starting the self clean cycle.

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I am so glad to find someone with those ovens. A local appliance store is selling a floor model and I'm wondering about them. Have you been pleased with their performance, nunmobile? I bake a lot and want something that really is accurate, plus I really like those glides!

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Thank you for the info, nunmobile. I'll have to take a closer look at the "75" model. It looked to me as if the glides were bolted to the side, but perhaps I misinterpreted how they were mounted. Have you been pleased with your ovens?

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I have been very pleased. The only downside is the preheat time which is, I believe, longer due to the covered element. Friends with other brands have told me their preheat times are longer as well. I feel the covered element "innovation" is a set back to preheat performance and one can no longer place foil on the oven floor to catch any drippings.

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