Electric double wall oven: Wolf Miele Electrolux or Thermador

amyf5September 20, 2012

Have a chance at the following "deals":

Wolf L series double oven, floor model, 5 years old, never been cooked in, no visible defects: $6,000 (regularly $7,230)

Miele MasterChef recently discontinued but same as current model except handle style. Still shrink wrapped in box from reputable store: $4,500-$4,800 (regularly $6,000)

Also considering Thermador Masterpiece ($4,900) and Electrolux Icon ($3,700)

Main question: Are the Wolf and Miele actually good deals, especially the Wolf - still seems high for a 5-year-old oven?

***Here are some of the factors affecting my decision:

Replacing 7-year-old KitchenAid Architect that died.

Need a great broiler.

Miele - Worried about low temperature complaints - have these been resolved? Timer maxes out at 99 minutes and 59 seconds - annoying? Oven light is either on or off while you cook - no button. I don't think I'll use programming - is this thing easy to use the old fashioned way - enter a temp and go!

Thermador - how are they doing with reliability lately?

Electrolux - seems like the bargain, but read reports of oven dying after self-clean...starting to sound like those too-heat-sensitive electronic controls on my KitchenAid.

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The Wolf is the best wall oven of the lot IMO.

So I would start with offering the store manager $5k for the L Series. Worst they can say is no,maybe they make counter offer,or maybe they take your $5k.

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I agree with Deeageaux with a few additional comments. We were faced with a similar situation as you are. We went to order the Electrolux Icon and the store had a 3 year old Viking floor model that was discontinued. After researching on GW and reading the issues with Viking (most dealt with gas ranges, fridges and DW in conjunction with their customer service) we decided to make an offer on the Viking. We offered them 50% of the $6,200 normal price and they accepted. We have been very pleased with our choice and it has worked out for us. While the Wolf is the best oven on your list, keep in mind that it is still a floor model. The doors may have been opened more in a weekend than you will open them in a month. We chose to get an extended warranty (normally we don't) because it was a Viking and it was a floor model. After 18 months (6 beyond the normal warranty) the hinges on the top oven started to fail and the distributor's repair company replaced both upper and lower hinges on the extended warranty at no cost to us (I also know how to change them out now and can do it in the future if necessary). In my opinion you can always increase your offer, but you can never get them lower. I feel that floor models are not a deal unless you get a minimum of 1/3 off, so I normally start at a 50% discount level. Keep in mind that that unit has helped the store sell products for 5 years, and as Deeageaux said, all they can do is say no. Decide what you are willing to pay and remember it needs to be worth the risk that you will carry, not the store. Good luck.

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I have the 2011 Elux non-icon wave touch double wall oven. It was $3000. Love it. It's my understanding that the problems they had with self-clean were corrected. I've run the self clean three times in the past year with no problems.

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