Oven keeps flipping the circuit breaker

mls99September 14, 2008

New GE Monogram ZET1 wall oven installed in March 08. Everything works fine, even did a clean cycle on it. About a month ago, it started flipping the circuit breaker, usually during preheat but sometimes during cooking too. It's done it on oven setting and also on broil setting. It seems to be happening more often now, to the point where it's frustrating. It's on a dedicated 40A circuit, which is enough per the specs. Whom do I call first: the GC whose electrician installed it or GE? Thanks.

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I'd call GE - it's under warranty.

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My new fidge kept doing that. My GC ran a separate line for it. Solved the problem.

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It could be a problem with the breaker or with the oven either one. Is the circuit for the oven new ?

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didn't I read in other posts that this is proving to be a common problem with the GE Monogram? Anyway, sounds like GE is due a call although you could try the breaker. Often when a breaker trips, it is never the same or may have been going bad. On occassion, not often but not rare, I have seen the problem be as simple as a bad breaker.

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It's entirely likely that the breaker itself is defective (breakers are not fail-proof). Call your contractor and have the electrical circuit checked out. Once you've determined if the circuit is okay, then call GE. If you don't do this first, GE is going to blame it on the electrical circuit, and you'll have to do it anyway.

One other thing to ask the contractor to verify is whether the electrical cable used in the circuit is appropriately sized. If your electrical work was inspected, it should be okay, but it never hurts to check. If the cable isn't rated for a 40 amp circuit, it could be heating up which would likely cause the circuit to trip.

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Turn the breaker off immediately and don't use the oven until a professional looks at it. If the oven calls for a 40 amp breaker (and proper line to match) and that is what you have, then you must have a short somewhere which is causing the breaker to trip. That is a recipe (pardon the pun) for a fire. It could be in a wall, the oven or in the breaker box, but you're asking for a fire. I would cease using it until both the electric and oven are checked out properly.

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Thanks for your advice. GE's coming to look at it on Thursday, and we'll stop using it until then (thanks klaa2: idiotically, I hadn't thought of that). If GE says it's okay, then I'll call the contractor.

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I just looked up GE ZET1 specs (different models, but all 30" single ovens) and it calls for a 20amp breaker. If I am correct about the specs, you should not have it on a 40 amp breaker!!! who installed this for you? You're circumventing the whole point of the protection. If this is right, you're very very lucky that the breaker is tripping and not just starting a fire.

I hope you're getting this.

Here is a link that might be useful: list of ZET1's, look at specs

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klaa - you gave a bad link. But having looked up the specs myself it recommends a "minimum" of 20amp circuit.

I know nothing about electricity but by your logic it would seem that it is dangerous to plug a 3 amp television into a 15 amp outlet???

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modern life interiors

call an independent licensed electrician for a diagnosis. make sure the housecall for the estimate is free.

it is possible you don't have enough power in the box to support the unit or the upgrade of appliances, computers, etc.

if you need more than one professional opinion, call non relatated individuals to see what the story is.

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"make sure the housecall for the estimate is free"

I think that electrician is out of business!

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Is this a single or double oven?

If single, 20amp is fine. I suspect something with the new installation. You need an electrician.

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klaa2 and everyone: thank you for your advice. It's on a double breaker, both sides are marked 20, so I assume that means it's a 40A breaker. I believe that nothing else is on that circuit, as it was marked OVEN during the remodel in March 08 (and all the other kitchen stuff is on a different breaker). The GC's subcontracted licensed electrician team did it, and the town did an electrical inspection on it. GE came out this morning and confirmed it's not the oven, so I'm waiting for the electrician to return my call. Thanks for all your advice.

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No, that's a 20-amp 220v breaker. 20 amps for each 'leg'. So my guess is that the breaker is 'worn out'. They can do this with age: they get hot and trip.

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